Ideas for a Cat in the Hat Themed Party

by Kathryn Walsh

Although Dr. Seuss wrote "The Cat in the Hat" in 1957, the story is just as popular with children today as it was then. According to National Public Radio, Dr. Seuss wrote the book based on a list of vocabulary words for 6- and 7-year-olds, but the book appeals to most children between preschool and middle-school age. Use the book's colors and characters as inspiration for your "The Cat in the Hat" party.


Red, white and blue are featured heavily throughout "The Cat in the Hat," from the cat's red and white striped hat to Thing 1 and Thing 2's red clothes and blue hair. Set the scene by filling the room with balloons and banners in these colors. Use the characters from the story to decorate the walls. Create life-sized cutouts of the Cat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and tape them to the walls to bring the story to life. Recreate a different scene from the book on each wall.


When children are gathered together and eating sugar, they need activities to do or they'll be bouncing off the walls. Pass out paper and red crayons and help children color red stripes onto their papers. Fit a paper headband around each child's head and staple the striped paper to the headband to create a hat. To make a "The Cat in the Hat" bean bag toss game, cover a trash can with white paper and tape on red paper stripes. The can will look like the Cat's hat turned upside down. Make a tape line on the floor several feet from the can and give children bean bags. Have children stand behind the line and try to throw the bean bags into the hat can.


No children's party is complete without snacks and treats. Make hat treats using marshmallows and sugar cookies. Melt red candy melts and dip 1/3 of each marshmallow in the liquid. Let the candy coating harden and dip the other end of the marshmallow in the melted candy, leaving a white stripe in the middle. Bake plain sugar cookies that are wider than the marshmallows and attach one marshmallow to each cookie hat brim using frosting. Red velvet cupcakes frosted with swirled blue frosting will look like the blue-haired creatures Thing 1 and Thing 2.


Party favors should let guests continue to enjoy the party theme even after the event is over. Use a hat cookie cutter to create sugar cookies and frost with white and red stripes to send home with each child. For a gift that encourages children to read, buy a copy of "The Cat in the Hat" for each guest. If you're concerned that the guests may already own this book, buy copies of the other Dr. Seuss books that feature this character, such as "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" or "I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!"