Ideas for Card Party Prizes

by Kyra Sheahan
Card games are more exciting when players win prizes.

Card games are more exciting when players win prizes.

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Add excitement to your card party by purchasing prizes for the winners of the games. When guests know that they have the chance to win little trinkets, they may be more eager to play games and become even more competitive. Plan out the number of card games you wish to play so that you know how many prizes to purchase. It is also a good idea to set a budget for the prizes, and keep them all within the same price range.

Prizes Under $20

If you are keeping things economical, you might be interested in card party prizes that are under $20. For $20, your card party guests can win things such as scented candles, a small picture frame, cheap bottle of wine, miniature soap collection, a DVD or a cool accessory. You can also put gift baskets together for under $20, filled with food gifts or bath and beauty products.

Gift Cards

Pick up a variety of gift cards as your card party prizes. You can choose from gift cards of the same dollar value from restaurants, coffeehouses, bookstores, online stores and music and media stores. Wrap the gift cards in envelopes so that players do not see which ones they are getting. Then, you can set the envelopes up and have the winner of the card game choose the gift card envelope and be surprised by what's inside.

Novelty Gifts

If you want to get silly with your gifts, pick out novelty prizes for your card game winners that are casino- or card-themed. Novelty gifts are impractical, but they are humorous and draw attention. Some examples of novelty prizes that are casino- or card-themed include card ties, card-printed mugs, personalized playing card decks, piggy banks and Las Vegas T-shirts. If you and the guests of your card party are over 40, consider purchasing some "over the hill" novelty gifts.

Lucky Prizes

Think about some of the things that card players consider lucky. Send your players home with bags full of lucky gifts, such as a rabbit's foot, lucky dice and anything else that is considered good luck to a card player.

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