Ideas for Bridal Shower Games & Prizes

by Kate Bradley
Shower them with love and they'll do the same for you.

Shower them with love and they'll do the same for you.

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The bridal shower is an unparalleled opportunity to squeal with delight over your impending nuptials in the company of the ladies who love you best. They've been there for you through thick and thin, so make your bridal shower a fun and relaxing time for them, too. Bridal shower games and prizes are an excellent way to spark a little friendly competition and get everyone in the wedding spirit!

Trivia Games

Who knows the bride best? Now's the time to find out! Before the party, have the bride answer 20 to 25 questions about herself -- her favorite restaurant, her dream vacation destination or how many children she wants. At the shower, the bride reads each question and guests write down their answers. Afterward, the bride reveals the right answers. Guests get one Hershey's Kiss for every correct answer. Guests who get every answer right get a whole bag of Kisses! Have one bridesmaid contact the groom before the wedding and ask him a series of questions about his life; for example, his favorite food as a kid or how his childhood room was decorated. At the party, ask the bride these questions about the groom. Guests make bets on how many she'll answer correctly. Award the bride a stick of gum for every wrong answer and a miniature candy bar for every right one -- just make sure she can still fit into the dress afterward!

Searching Games

Buy a dozen miniature toy brides and hide them around the shower venue. Make a list of clues as to where each bride is hidden (for example, "You're getting warmer!" for a bride hidden behind the microwave). Let guests work with a partner if they wish. The pair that finds the most brides wins a bottle of champagne to split. Send guests on a scavenger hunt using only the items in their purses. Before the party, make a list of seemingly uncommon things that guests have to find. For example, "a picture of a a politician who was not president" could be Alexander Hamilton on a 10-dollar bill. Have each guest (and the bride!) dump the contents of her purse on the floor. Keep the piles separate. The mad dash to figure out the clues will have everyone laughing and exclaiming. Since this game calls for extra cleverness, treat the first-, second- and third-place winners to a gift basket of bath products or an engraved bracelet.


The game Who Am I is a fun way to start the bridal shower and introduce guests who may not know one another. Before the shower, write a well-known person's name on an index card. Make one card for each guest. After all guests arrive, tape a card to each guest's forehead. Tell them to mingle and try to guess their "identity" by asking questions of the others, such as "Am I blond?" As guests guess their identities, reward them with a small box of chocolates. You can also break the ice with "Clothespin." When the shower begins, give each guest a clothespin and instruct her not to say the groom's name. If she does, the guest who "catches" her takes her clothespin. Guests must give up all clothespins they have collected if they are caught by another guest. At the end of the shower, the guest with the most clothespins wins a gift basket with a coffee mug, potpourri and a pretty set of stationery.

Other Games

Puzzles are a good way to ensure all guests win a prize and go home with a memento. Make a list of 30 to 40 wedding-related words, such as honeymoon, groom or centerpiece. Jumble them and have guests figure out what the jumbled words really spell. The first guest to figure out all the words wins a set of sweet-smelling candles. Give the rest of the guests one large scented candle each. Play Wedding Bingo. Before the shower, make bingo cards, but instead of numbers and letters, fill the squares with pictures of different bridal shower gifts. Make each card a little different. Pass them out and supply pennies for covering squares. As the bride opens gifts, a guest should place a penny over the gift on her card (if it's there). The first guest to fill a row with pennies wins a stylish picture frame. Give bags of gourmet jelly beans to the other guests.

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