Ideas for Bret Michaels Costumes

by Christi Aldridge

Bret Michaels, the iconic lead singer of the rock band Poison, has had "Nothin' But a Good Time" making records for the last 25 years. Bret is also a well-known TV personality who has had reality shows on VH-1 and appeared on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice." A good Bret costume will be unmistakable, so grab your bandanna and have a rocking Halloween.


Bret's hair is his trademark. He has sported long, blond locks since Poison appeared on the rock scene in the '80s. He admits his luscious hair isn't all real but made up of artificial hair blended into his own, so don't sweat grabbing a long wig for your Halloween costume. Bret's hair is straight and falls past his shoulders, platinum and well groomed. Bret's beautiful hair rivals some women's looks. Make sure your hair is looking awesome if you're going to be Bret.


Bret has a well-known look that he has cultivated over the years and has stuck with. It's a rocker cowboy type style that he wears quite well. To be a rock star cowboy, start with some tight-fitting jeans. Bret has an amazingly conditioned body and isn't afraid to show it off. In true rocker style, Bret's jeans don't look perfect. They are ripped, bleached or even acid washed and look as if they have seen better days. Top off your lived-in jeans with a T-shirt. Cut the sleeves off of the shirt to show off your well-toned arms. The shirt can be a concert shirt, a brand of tattoo clothing such as Ed Hardy, or something with a pattern that just looks cool, such as skulls or daggers.

Bandanna and Boots

Everyone who knows and loves Bret knows he is never seen without a bandanna tied around his forehead. He wears bandannas in a range of colors. Bret must own a million, because they have become the most important part of his look. Tie a wide bandanna around your head and top it off with a straw cowboy hat to really look like Bret. Finish you look with some cowboy boots or black motorcycle boots.

Makeup, Tattoos and Jewelry

Bret is a rock star, so it's more than acceptable for him to be seen wearing makeup. Typically, Bret loads up on some basic black eyeliner to highlight those baby blues. Draw the eyeliner under your eyes and on the upper lids to emphasize your eyes. Study a photo of Bret to see his tattoos. Use liquid eyeliner to draw a couple of his most notable ones on your own skin, or have a friend help you with this. Bret likes jewelry, so he has been seen wearing silver hoop earrings, chunky chain necklaces and studded cuff bracelets. Don't forget to draw on a goatee and mustache or grab a fake one from a costume shop.