Ideas for a Book Release & Signing Party

by Lanh Ma
Hold your signing at a popular book store to bring in local customers.

Hold your signing at a popular book store to bring in local customers.

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At a book release party, a book is revealed to the public for the very first time. It is often coupled with an author's signing and it is a good way to get a book tour off the ground. Use a book release and author signing to connect with fans, drum up good press for the book and celebrate a book's completion. A book release and signing party is an excellent opportunity to advertise and win over new fans.


Ask that event staff wear costumes related to the book and hold a costume contest for the fans that show up. This works well if the book is part of an established series. It is also a good choice if the book is set in a specific time and place in history. The costumes are walking advertisements, bringing more people into the venue, and they give the party a more celebratory feel. Give prizes for the most accurate costume, the most flashy costume and the most clever costume.


Hold a trivia contest for the book. Test your guest's knowledge of history or of the book's subject matter. This works well for a series, but don't be afraid to modify it to your needs. If the book has some influence from Shakespearean, for instance, ask a few questions about Shakespearean plays and dramas. Present the people who answer questions right with a copy of the book.


Think about what happens in the book and consider what kind of performances or demonstrations might be applicable to the party. For example, if the book mentions a circus, consider bringing in a juggler. If the book has something to do with wildlife, contact your local wildlife rehabilitation organization and see if they are willing to bring some animals out to raise awareness for their cause. Bring a fortuneteller for a book concerning fate, or an astrologer for a book about horoscopes.


If your book has themes of art or creation, set up a few craft stations. Bring in some clay and allow people to make things that they can take home, or magazines so some people can make collages. Set up an area where people can make masks if your book has a masquerade. Crafts allow people to get involved and take something away with them.

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