Ideas on Birthday Party Venues for Kids in New York City

by Sara Welsh

Every kid looks forward to their birthday, and each year parents do their best to make the party memorable. When looking for a party venue in New York City, try to get the most for your money while still accommodating all of the guests' entertainment needs. Take into account exactly how much setup and decoration work the venue will do and where you need to fill in the gaps.

Theme Parties

It's not uncommon for children to want a theme at their birthday parties. Kids may want to have a princess party, tea party or even pretend to be superheroes. Many venues offer theme packages that include special gifts, decorations and activities to reflect the party your child desires. As of 2011, places such as the NY Kids Club and Creative Dream Parties offer an array of theme choices. If you prefer New York City to be the theme itself, try a trip to Times Square to visit the many shops and exhibits.

Educational Parties

A party at a museum can be a wonderful way to sneak knowledge in on unsuspecting children, especially during the summer when they don't expect it. Places such as the Children's Museum of the Arts, Children's Museum of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Children's Museum and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum all have packages for on-site birthday parties. Other institutions such as the New York Botanical Gardens and the American Museum of Natural History provide tours but not party packages as of 2011.

Sports Parties

Kids love to run around, especially when they're younger. A sports party can be a great way for kids to expel some of that cooped-up energy without creating too much of a mess. Prospect Park in Brooklyn offers its tennis center for parties and the Astoria Sports Complex has a number of packages available. During the winter, Wollman ice rink in Central Park offers ice hockey and skating party packages for young kids and teens. During the summer months, if you'd prefer to watch sports consider taking the kids to Yankee Stadium or Citi Field for a baseball game.

Amusement Park Parties

Children and adults both love amusement park rides no matter where they're from. Luckily, as of 2011 New York City has at least one family amusement park. Victorian Gardens in Central Park has birthday packages that provide food, private seating and unlimited rides, but the park is only open from June to September. Another amusement park option is Brooklyn's famous Coney Island, where you can visit more than 50 different rides and attractions as well as places such as the New York Aquarium and Nathan's hot dogs stand, which are open year round.

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