Ideas for Birthday Party Invitations for Boys

by Tamiya King

Your little boy's birthday is coming up, and you want his party invitations to reflect the event's color scheme and theme. Incorporating the interests of the "guest of honor" will help to personalize the invitations. Bright colors and inventive accents will also make the invitation especially noticeable and attractive, making it easier for guests to remember the party date and other invitation details.

"Things That Go" Invitations

A number of toddler, pre-tween, and tween boys are interested in vehicles like airplanes, cars, and trains, and these images make impressive birthday invitations. Use red invitation paper and a sports car stencil to create invites to a car-themed party. Add black puff paint to the wheel sections to create texture and visual appeal, and cut the car image large enough to include all the party details, like the celebration's location and date. Or, purchase airplane-shaped invitations for the party, and add your own accents like silver or platinum-colored paint to the window sections of the invitations.

Color-Specific Invitations

If your little one has chosen a favorite color, create birthday invitations that displays this shade. Use your son's school picture or a candid photo of him as the backdrop for the invitation. Glue the picture to invitation stock paper in the color of his choice. Create a border or accents with small patches that display your son's initials, or ribbons with an attractive pattern like stripes or polka dots. If the party doesn't have a definite color theme, you can simply use the the hues you've decorated your son's bedroom in or his favorite color of clothing to wear as invitation inspiration. Cobalt blue and lime green invites are particularly bright, so guests are likely to keep the invite and remember the party.

Initial Invitations

Use alphabet stencils to create invitations in the shape of your son's first initial. If you're little one's name is Austin, give guests invitations shaped like the letter A in his favorite color. Allow him to decorate one side of the invitations with stickers that reflect his interests, e.g. stickers in the shape of dinosaurs or his favorite cartoon character. Use each side of the invitation to write one detail of the party, the time, date and RSVP email address, and add a ribbon border in a color your little boy likes or spray glitter for more visual appeal.

Seasonal Invitations

Create invitations that match the time of year your son's birthday party will take place. Or, make invites that reflect his favorite season. For instance, an invitation in the shape of a sand castle accented with brown glitter will get your son's guests excited about his summertime birthday party. Mini pumpkins that you've carved to resemble jack-o-lanterns will create an impressive fall-season birthday invite; you can tie a string to the pumpkin stem that is attached to an index card revealing all the party details, such as the date, time, location, and RSVP information for your boy's birthday celebration. To further personalize the invites, attach a small picture of your son to the back of the invitation card so loved ones can use the invite as a keepsake.

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