Ideas for a Birthday Party in Cape Cod

by Lauren Griffin
Celebrate a birthday with friends in Cape Cod.

Celebrate a birthday with friends in Cape Cod.

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With its pristine beaches, beautiful views of the ocean and rustic New England charm, Cape Cod makes a top location for events of any kind, including birthday parties. Letting the natural beauty of Cape Cod inspire your birthday party theme will make the most of this beautiful location.


Take advantage of the beauty of Cape Cod by picking a venue that complements the Cape's beachy, New England feel. An inn or restaurant with waterfront views capture the essence of Cape Cod, making it a great location for a traditional birthday party. Rent a tent to transform a cozy Cape Cod backyard or the beach into a party spot. For an even less formal affair, simply gather on the beach for a laid-back birthday celebration.


Celebrate a Cape Cod birthday with decorations that complement the party's location. Give the decor a nautical, New England feel. Wicker furniture, such as chairs and tables, have a distinctly Cape Cod feel and add a perfect spot for guests to sit and visit. Adorn tables in crisp white or blue and white checked table cloths, then top them with centerpieces containing wildflowers, shells and sand dollars. Lanterns placed on tables and hung outside are functional but add a rustic New England note, or illuminate the room with strings of decorative lights and capture the beauty of the New England sky on a clear night.

Food and Drinks

At a birthday party in Cape Cod, show off some traditional New England cuisine such as native cranberries and local shellfish. Serve up bowls of thick New England clam chowder, bacon-wrapped scallops and cocktail shrimp. For a formal party, let guests select entrees such as grilled fish or surf and turf. The mouth-watering smell of burgers, hot dogs or chicken cooking on the grill are theme-appropriate options for a more casual affair, and highlight the relaxing feeling of the Cape in the summer time. For beverages, adults can enjoy beers brewed in New England, Cape Codders or other cocktails featuring cranberry juice.

Birthday Cake

A birthday party is not complete without a birthday cake. Even a birthday cake can exhibit some Cape Cod pride. A ring of cranberries placed along the bottom edge of a cake, as well as a sprinkling of berries on top, gives the cake a burst of deep red color while incorporating a traditional Cape Cod fruit. A white or pale blue frosted cake has a nautical look when decorated with tiny white chocolate shells. Sea glass candies, which look remarkably like the real thing, add a sweet yet stunningly beautiful decoration to a birthday cake.

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