Ideas for a Beach-Themed Bridal Shower

by Krystal Miller
Use beach balls, seashells and sand to create a beach bridal shower.

Use beach balls, seashells and sand to create a beach bridal shower.

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Beach-themed bridal showers are perfect for couples who enjoy the beach, sun and water. From the invitations to the games, incorporate items like beach balls and seashells into the shower to give guests a tropical feel. Create a memorable beach-themed wedding shower that your guests will be talking about for weeks to come using a few supplies and a creative imagination.


For a simple invitation idea, print pictures of sunglasses or surfboards. Use markers to write the party details on the pictures. Another idea is to blow up a small, inflatable beach toy. Write the shower details on the inflatable toy. Deflate the toy and mail in a padded envelope. A message in a bottle is another way to distribute beach-themed wedding shower invitations. Fill the bottles with a small amount of sand and miniature seashells. Slide in the invitations and mail or hand-deliver them to the guests. Ask the guests to wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts or sundresses to add to the beach theme.


Decorate the party area with fake or live palms trees to set the beach mood. Place beach chairs around the party area and cover each chair with a large beach towel. Make balloon bouquets for table centerpieces and use beach pails filled with sand as weights. Other items to decorate the party area include bottles of sunscreen, sunglasses, straw hats, swim goggles and large seashells. Make flower centerpieces by filling plastic beach pails with colorful, tropical flowers. Play beach and reggae music in the background throughout the shower.


Serve a tray full of crab cakes, shrimp cocktail and cocktail sauce. Make a tray of smoked salmon, crackers and cream cheese for the guests to snack on. For easy food ideas, make hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Allow the guests to add their own condiments. Give the party food entertaining names like "Surf N' Turf Seafood," "Hang Loose Hot Dogs" and "Sandy Beach Burgers." Decorate a white cake to resemble a beach using brown sugar for the sand and drink umbrellas for added decoration.

Activities and Games

Set up a large table with seashell beads, elastic string, silk flowers and spray glitter. Allow the party guests to make their own leis and jewelry. The guests can take the items home as mementos of the beach-themed wedding shower. Some entertaining activities include a game of beach ball volleyball and a beach prize walk. For a prize walk, cut beach shapes out of construction paper and scatter them on the ground. Play beach music and have the guests walk around the shapes. When the music stops, ask each guest to stand on a shape. Call out a beach-themed shape and the player standing on that shape wins a prize.

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