Ideas for a Barnyard Bash Party

by Stacy D. Cooper
Give kids toy pigs as party favors.

Give kids toy pigs as party favors.

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A barnyard bash party is not just for kids. Turn it into a family affair by offering games and food that are appetizing to all in attendance. All you need is farm-fresh food, entertaining games and pens filled with animals to transform your backyard into a barnyard. It'll be up to your guests to bring the bash, elevating your party to an event to be remembered.


Make your own invitations on card stock which has been cut to resemble farm animals like cows, pigs and chickens. Tell would-be guests they are "invited to attend a barnyard bash at the Brown family's home." Include the time, date and RSVP information. Use a ribbon to attach the invitation to a jar of fruit preservatives or an animal-shaped bar of soap. Another idea is to make a farmhouse shaped invitation and attach it to a box of animal crackers before delivering it.


Create a barnyard atmosphere by strategically placing hay bundles around the party area. Cover the tables with bandanna or solid red tablecloths. If you plan to set up a separate table for kids, make animal place mats to set in front of each chair at the table. Use plain white dishes to create a clean table setting and give everyone a small canning jar to use as a cup. Build toy animal pens filled with pigs, horses and sheep on each table. Create a duck pond by filling a small swimming pool with water and blue food coloring and placing rubber ducks in it.

Food and Drinks

Fire up the barbecue pit to offer ribs, steak and grilled corn to guests. Make small boxes out of card stock and fill with chicken fingers and baby carrots. Make chicken and dumplings, beef and noodles over mashed potatoes or chicken potpies to serve guests a country style meal. Serve carrot cake for dessert. Place apples and oranges or ice and bottles of milk and water in galvanized steel pails. Create a drink station where guests can get sweet tea or lemonade to drink.


Fill the barnyard with both simple and hard family games. For example, blindfold adults and set a stopwatch to one minute. Instruct players to find the pens hidden in a pile of hay. For each pen they, locate they win a prize for their family. Another idea is to set jars on the ground and hand kids clothespins to drop into the containers. Kids win prizes based on the number of pins inside the jars. Turn activities into games by hosting a contest for the best pig picture, or compete to see who builds the best scarecrow. Remember it's a family event, give everyone who participates a prize.

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