Ideas for an Adult Predicaments Party Game

by Cheryl Munson
Games are a perfect way to break the ice at all-adult parties.

Games are a perfect way to break the ice at all-adult parties.

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Planning a party means making sure the food is good, the bar is well-stocked and the decorations look divine. However, there's something else you need to make the party the talk of the town. An all-adult party is the perfect setting to pull out all the stops and play games with a borderline element of naughtiness. Spice things up with a few games that will keep everyone entertained as they see which players end up in some very interesting predicaments.

What's Taboo About You?

This game makes a good icebreaker for parties and gatherings. Get a pad of post notes and pens. As guests arrive, tell them to go somewhere alone (like a bathroom or outdoors) and write down a situation they observed or found themselves in that most people would think of as taboo. This could be something like catching a neighbor cheating or being asked by a neighbor to cheat. Have them fold the post note and drop it inside of a bowl when they finish. The host will pick one note and read it. Guests will try to figure out who wrote the note. Allow each person to elaborate to spark conservation. Give a prize to the person who correctly guesses the highest number of taboos.

Kiss and Tell

This "Kiss and Tell" game variation is layered with fun and playfulness. Couples and any gathering of partygoers can play it. One at a time, guests must put a tube of lipstick between their teeth and try to put the lipstick on someone at the party. If they put it on right, they will be "safe." If not, they have to reveal what celebrity or famous person from history they'd most like to kiss, and why. Husbands, wives, friends and strangers might be in for a few surprises.

Love to See You Smile

"Love to See You Smile" is another fun game for a couples party. The object is for mates to guess whether others at the party will or will not be able to make their mate smile. To make the game interesting, allow guests to use objects like a feather, or a funny Halloween mask, or even to tell a joke. Mates may be surprised who can and who cannot make their partner smile.

What Were You Two Doing in There?

Stage a table in a bedroom or some area outside the main party room. Place a mixture of naughty and nice items on a table such as a stack of fake dollar bills, various adult sex toys, and a box of candy. The key is to make the items provocative. Tell guests that you will send two people at a time into the room to select one object that reminds them of someone at the party. When the two come back into the main party room, they will report the item they picked. Have party guests guess which person they were thinking about in relation to the item. It will be interesting to watch reactions and see who might find themselves caught in an "adult predicament."

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