Icebreaker for a Birthday Party

by Chelsea Fitzgerald
Birthday parties should be enjoyable for everyone.

Birthday parties should be enjoyable for everyone.

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Icebreakers are typically games or activities you do at the beginning of a party, such as a birthday or other celebration. Some guests may feel ill at ease not knowing many of the invitees, if it is a dressy occasion that the guests aren't use to, or perhaps they may feel uncomfortable because it is a party that involves co-workers who are not used to socializing with each other outside of the workplace. Nevertheless, icebreakers can come in handy to get the party goers mingling and people engaged.

Noisy Icebreaker

Put a slip of paper with half of your guests name on it into the balloons. For instance, with 20 invited guests, blow up 10 balloons and write their name on the slips of paper. Gather the other 10 guests whose names are not in the balloons together in the center of the room. Toss the balloons in the air and whoever catches each balloon has to pop it. Instruct the person to go around the room to find the person with that name. He is to introduce himself to the person with the name and interview her, finding out where she lives, favorite colors, places traveled, number of pets and other trivia. After about 10 minutes have each person that popped a balloon introduce the guest to the others in the room and tell some interesting facts or trivia about her. This is an excellent icebreaker for children and teen birthday parties.

Interactive Icebreaker

Gather your guests into the center of the room and have them form two circles, with the smaller circle inside a larger one. Designate someone to be the emcee and another person to control the music. Once the music starts, the two circles must walk around in opposite directions. When the music stops, the emcee must shout out a directive, such as "put your nose on a person's right shoulder," or "give a bear hug." The emcee must grab someone to be his partner before some else does. Whoever is left without a partner must become the emcee for the next round. This is a hilarious icebreaker for birthday parties that include co-workers from administration to the cleaning crew.

Collecting Party Treats

Give each person a plastic goody bag with 10 pieces of individually wrapped candies. The point of the game is to show that you have experienced the most depravity in the group. Each person is to think of something she has never done but that she thinks everyone else has, such as "I've never had a surprise birthday party," or "I've never owned a puppy." Everyone in the group who has never had a surprise birthday party or puppy must give the person a piece of candy. Allow everyone to take a turn or continue the icebreaker until an individual runs out of candy to share. The person with the most candy is designated the most deprived and is the winner.

Interview Icebreaker

Give every guest an index card and pencil. Tell the guests the topic is birthday memories. Ask them to write down a question that involves a birthday memory, such as, "What is your funniest birthday memory?," or "What is your most vivid birthday memory and why?" Collect the index cards from the guests, shuffle them up and place them face down on the table. Start with one person and go around the table one by one. Ask the person to select a card from the top of the pile. He should read the question aloud and then answer it. The questions and answers may range from hilarious and embarrassing to thought provoking and profound.

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