Ice Breakers for a Christian Women's House Party

by Krystal Miller
Women can mingle through fun icebreaker games at a Christian house party.

Women can mingle through fun icebreaker games at a Christian house party.

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Plan a few icebreaker games for your next Christian house party for a group of women. Icebreakers ease tension and give any newcomers a chance to make new friends. Keep the women involved in the game by awarding pocket Bibles and biblical bookmarks to all icebreaker game winners. Promote a feeling of Christian unity and help everyone learn about each other with a variety of icebreaker game ideas.

Question Games

Create games with questions for the women to ask one another to get to know each other. Write down one "Getting to know you question" on each index card. Some example questions include "If money where no object, where would you shop for clothes?" or "If you could go forward in time, where would you want to go?" Give one index card to each woman and have her ask several guests the question. After five minutes, have the women share their most interesting answer with the entire group. Switch index cards and have the women play again.

Bingo Games

For an easy bingo game, have the women walk around and ask the names of the other women. She must write the name of each woman in a bingo square. Call out the women's names and have the women mark their cards. The first woman to get bingo wins a prize. For a harder version, write statements in each square like "Has on a green shirt," "Has blue eyes" and "Has two brothers." The women must walk around and find another woman who matches each statement. The first woman to have a bingo by finding a woman for each bingo square in a row wins the game.

Funny Games

Have the women sit in a circle and hand one player a roll of toilet paper. Tell her it is the only roll available and to take the amount of toilet paper she thinks she will need for the evening. After each woman has a long strand of toilet paper, tell the women they must tell an interesting fact about themselves for each square of toilet paper they took. Award prizes for the funniest and most interesting facts shared. Give the game a Christian twist by having the women share a funny fact about something that happened to her in church or at a church event.

Other Games

As each woman arrives to the party, have her take off one of her shoes and place it in a pile in the middle of the room. After everyone arrives to the party, tell each woman to grab one shoe (not her own, of course) and find the woman with the matching shoe. The women must mingle for two minutes getting to know each other. Have them put all the shoes back in the pile and pick another shoe. This is a great way to get everyone mingling. After everyone has a chance to mingle with each other, place the shoes back in the pile. The women must grab one shoe and quickly find the shoe's owner. The first who to find the owner of her shoe from the pile wins a small prize.

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