iCarly Party Decoration Ideas

by Emilia Lamberto
Hang out like the cast of iCarly does with an iCarly party.

Hang out like the cast of iCarly does with an iCarly party.

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Hosting an "iCarly"-themed party is likely to be a blast for any young fan of the hit television series. Decorations for the party are simple yet vibrant, consisting mainly of bold colors, funky shapes and wild patterns. Carly's fashionable abode is the ultimate hangout for young teens, so look to achieve this same atmosphere when choosing "iCarly" party decorations.

Shapes and Color Scheme

The entire set of "iCarly" is filled with bold colors and vibrant patterns. Re-create Carly's pad with bright colors including neon pinks, electric blues, teal and purples. Sparkles and glitter should also be implemented into the color scheme to add to the teenage atmosphere. Shapes such as stars, hearts and non-geometric shapes add to a funky Carly milieu. Bold checkered patterns and funny fonts on banners will go over well with "iCarly" fans.

Wall and Ceiling Decor

No party is complete without balloons. Opt for helium balloons featuring Carly and Sam's faces, or choose solid-color balloons in girly pinks, bold blues, different shades of purple and green hues. Hang stars on the walls and link streamers from the center of the room to the corners of the room. Layer and twist streamers for wild color effects. Hang banners or homemade posters with "iCarly"-related statements such as "Random Dancing!" or "Enjoy the Show!"


Carly's room is the ultimate teen hangout, with its funky shapes and bold colors, but the lighting contributes in a a major way to the overall feel of the room. Re-create the unique "iCarly" atmosphere with bright paper lanterns hung from various areas of the ceiling. Hang stringed lights, such as short strands of colorful Christmas lights, around windows or over the main party table. Also, no Web show is complete without a few studio lights here and there. Floor lamps with adjustable lights may be pointed like spotlights toward certain areas of the room for a genuine "Showtime!" feel.

Party Stations

When guests arrive, let them and their imaginations wander through various stations you have placed throughout the party space. One corner of the party room could be deemed the "Karaoke Center," complete with a karaoke machine, microphone, and CDs from artists including Miranda Cosgrove herself, along with Jennette McCurdy, and other teen singing sensations such as Victoria Justice and Miley Cyrus. Create a "Dress-Up Station" filled with plenty of funky clothes and accessories to mix and match. Keep a camera close by to take photographs of the fashionable outfits. Carly's brother Spencer enjoys making sculptures, so add a "Sculpting Center" with craft supplies and strange objects such as pipe cleaners, glitter, yo-yos, plastic silverware and beads, so guests can build their own work of art. Finally, set up a "Sam's Food Center" with pretzels, fruit kabobs, punch, finger sandwiches and Spencer's famous spaghetti tacos.

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