Facts About the Ibanez Guitar Brand

by Chris Brower
Ibanez guitars are often used by rock guitarists.

Ibanez guitars are often used by rock guitarists.

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Ibanez manufactures a variety of guitars used by guitarists in a number of genres, including blues, rock and metal. The company makes electric and acoustic guitars, as well as bass guitars, in a number of designs and technical specifications. Ibanez has a long history and a long list of artists who use their guitars.


Ibanez originated in 1929 when Hoshino Gakki, a musical instrument company, began importing guitars from Spain. These guitars were named Salvador Ibanez, but the name was later shortened to what we know it as today. Like the guitar itself, the company evolved over the years, introducing electric guitars in the 1950s and 1960s when the electric guitar rose to prominence. Like other guitar manufacturers, Ibanez has teamed up with guitarists over the years to create signature models.


Ibanez sells electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars in a number of styles. Ibanez is perhaps best known for its electric guitars, which come in solid body and hollow body styles. The guitars offer different options based on the guitarist's needs, such as different pick-ups, wood type, neck sizes and overall sound. Ibanez bass guitars come in a number of styles, including acoustic basses. Acoustic guitars also come in a variety of styles, including classical styles, mandolins and ukuleles.

Amplifiers and Effects

Ibanez manufactures a number of amplifiers and effects. Amplifier models include the Soundwave, Wholetone, Mimx and Troubadour. These amps have a variety of EQ options, effects and volume capabilities. Ibanez also manufactures effects pedals, which can further shape a guitar's sound. These include distortion, overdrive, delay, flanger, chorus and wah.


A number of guitarists use Ibanez products. Many have also teamed up with Ibanez to create signature products bearing their name. Some guitarists who have used Ibanez guitars include Munky from Korn, Steve Vai, Noodles from the Offspring, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from the Mars Volta, Joe Satriani, Paul Gray from Slipknot, John Scofield and Matt Roberts of Three Doors Down.


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