Hunting Theme Ideas for a Kid's Birthday

by Kate Bradley
No guns are necessary to create the hunting party of your child's dreams.

No guns are necessary to create the hunting party of your child's dreams.

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If you've got a budding hunter on your hands, a hunting-themed birthday may be the perfect way to celebrate. You don't need endless acres to give your little hunter a taste of the great outdoors, just a big imagination and a dash of creativity. Incorporate authentic hunting experiences and activities to carry off a party that really hits the bull's eye.


Real hunters don't eat cupcakes in the field, but you can make an exception. Have individual cupcakes made - one for each guest - and supply green, brown and black icing to let the kids make their own camouflage pattern. Serve real hunters' food, such as jerky and trail mix. Let guests make their own "hunting sandwich" with turkey or venison. Serve camo burgers (use green food coloring to dye the patties) and red bullets (hot dogs). Since many hunters use animals' bodily fluids to mask their human scent, serve "deer urine" (apple juice). The kids will love the hunting twist on everyday food and drink.


Hang camouflage netting on the walls of your venue. Visit garage sales to find mounted deer heads and other professionally stuffed animals to bring some wildlife into the party. Use camouflage paper plates and table cloths. Get cardboard cutouts of some of the best-known hunters, such as Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, and let kids take pictures with them. Paint a standard bunk bed in camouflage colors and hang netting over it to create an indoor deer stand.

Games and Activities

Buy a deer decoy and set it up in your backyard. Supply kid-friendly bows and plastic-tipped arrows and let the kids have target practice. Pass out toy guns with rubber suction-cup darts and let the kids play "Tag" - anyone who gets hit by a dart is out. Buy hunting magazines, supply scissors and tape and have the kids make a hunting collage. Get a deer- or turkey-shaped pinata, blindfold the guests and let them take turns trying to whack it. Let the guests hone their hunting skills with an indoor "deer hunt." Hide small, plastic deer throughout your home and provide a list of clues as to the deer's locations. The guest who finds the most in 15 minutes wins a prize.

Other Ideas

Tell each guest to come dressed in camouflage and take a party picture together. Rent several hunting videos (make sure they are more instructive than graphic) and show them at the party. If you live in a rural area, pile the kids in the back of a truck and take them on a ride through the woods. If they look carefully, they may spot deer or rabbits. Ask an experienced hunter to demonstrate for the guests the proper way to use a deer and turkey call.

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