Hunting With a Ruger Super Redhawk

by Clayton Yuetter
Some hunters enjoy the challenge of hunting with a revolver.

Some hunters enjoy the challenge of hunting with a revolver.

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The Ruger Super Redhawk is a popular revolver among pistol and hunting enthusiasts alike. The Super Redhawk was first developed in 1987 as a .44 Magnum, but since then includes models such as the .454 Casull, .480 Ruger, and the Super Redhawk Alaskan. The Super Redhawk is admired for both its power and reduced recoil.

Improved Accuracy

Hunting with pistols is far less common than than rifles and shotguns because of the significant reduction in accuracy associated with a light weight firearm with a short barrel. The Ruger Super Redhawk, nonetheless, is heavier than most types of revolvers. As a result, it tends to be more accurate than the standard pistol. This is appreciated by hunters, who may wait days or even weeks for a shot at a trophy animal.

Substantial Ruger Power

The Super Redhawk series has a larger, stronger frame than many other revolvers. As a result, it is recognized for its power. Some people prefer hunting with the .44 Magnum rather than the .454 Casull because it is slightly more accurate, but those interested in sheer power and long-range shots appreciate the Casull. The .454 has more recoil than the Magnum, which can make it more difficult to fire repeated shots quickly and accurately.

Revolver Safety Considerations

Keep certain safety considerations in mind when hunting with a Ruger Super Redhawk, or any revolver. It can be easier to point a revolver in an unsafe direction because of its small size and light weight. It is imperative to avoid becoming careless, especially as it easier for a hunter's hand to get tired when carrying a pistol.

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan

For some hunters, carrying a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan is an essential part of going outdoors. Unlike the other Super Redhawks, the Alaskan is not used to hunt, but is used for protection against outdoor threats, such as bear. The Alaskan is small with an extremely short barrel. This makes it easier to carry in a holster on long trips, but not accurate enough to hunt with. It does, however, contain a lot of power. It is intended for short-range use in emergency situations.

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