Hunting Rifles for Long Range

by Clayton Yuetter
A scope will increase the accuracy of your rifle.

A scope will increase the accuracy of your rifle.

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When hunting in open land, such as that found in the Western United States, your prey may be hundreds of yards away, making the use of an accurate long range rifle necessary. There are several components to consider when evaluating a long range rifle. Many factory made rifles can also be tuned to increase performance.

The Scope

Without a functioning scope, a long range rifle is virtually useless. The scope should have a high resolution, with good clarity and color trueness to help you zero in on the target. Deer often come out right before dark, meaning that you will be taking aim without the benefit of full daylight. Good scopes will have low light capabilities to help you identify a target in dusk-like conditions. A scope should also have a turret, which is a dial that helps you adjust the elevation of your shot, as well as account for wind.

Muzzle Brakes

Some big game hunters prefer to put a muzzle brake on the end of their long range rifles. A muzzle brake redirects the propellant gases from a firearm to lessen the recoil and prevent muzzle climb after firing. This allows hunters to fire repeated shots more accurately without having to take as much time to get set up for the next shot. You will also be able to see where the bullet landed because the rifle will not lift itself and cause you to lose focus of the target.

Optical Equipment

When hunting with long range rifles it is necessary to have a good pair of binoculars to help you spot the game. A hunter scans the landscape for signs of game at long distances, which can not be done easily with the naked eye or looking through the scope. A range finder is also helpful when hunting with long range rifles. A range finder will let you gauge distances, which can be nearly impossible in open country, to let you know what game is within your range, and how much you need to compensate for in the elevation of the shot.

Tuning up a Factory Rifle

Long range rifles from the factory can be very expensive. Some hunters choose to purchase a cheaper model of rifle and improve its performance by tuning it up. The trigger can be adjusted to fire at less pressure, improving the accuracy of the shot because the gun is less likely to be pulled to the right. The barrel of a gun can also be exchanged for one that is more accurate at longer distances, as well as other parts of the rifle, such as the stock and recoiling pad.

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