Hunting in the Rain

by Ted Marten
Hunters should purchase the proper equipment when hunting in the rain.

Hunters should purchase the proper equipment when hunting in the rain.

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Many states have hunting seasons, where licensed individuals can pursue specific prey. Because the seasons typically are only for a limited period of time, hunters may choose to go out rain or shine. They need to be prepared for all types of weather and take the proper precautions, especially in wet and slippery conditions.


One of the main concerns about hunting in the rain is the potential to slip and fall, and either become hurt or accidentally discharge a weapon. Hunters should wear boots that are slip-resistant and have thick soles for optimum traction. They should be wary of wet leaves and be sure to plant each foot carefully when walking. Not only do hunters want the proper footwear, but they also may want to have a waterproof hat and jacket to keep dry.


While most hunting equipment is able to function in rainy and damp conditions, it doesn't mean that it can go without care. Hunters need to wipe down their equipment with anti-moisturizing agents to protect it from damage. The rain may cause the metal parts of a shotgun or bow to rust, which will make these weapons ineffective in the long run. Hunters need to wipe the wetness after they finish hunting for the day, because the scent from the anti-moisturizing agents will scare off the prey.


Because the rain will darken the sky somewhat, hunters will generally get closer to their intended target to get a quality shot. It's important to set up on stable ground, because shooting on a wet slope or hill may cause a hunter to slip and fire an errant shot. After a hunter's initial hit on an animal, water is likely going to wash away a possible blood trail, and the darkness will make it difficult to see.


Anytime someone goes out hunting, it's essential to remain safe. The rain can create all sorts of variables, no matter how familiar an individual is with the land. Weather is unpredictable and a light rain can turn into a torrential thunderstorm at a moment's notice. Taking a partner can add to a hunter's safety and ensures there is someone else there to assist if dangerous situations arise.


The rain may cause prey to lose their survival insticts and make it harder for them to see, hear and smell. Because of this, animals will often bed down and become less mobile. While prey will still move in light rain, heavy rains could send prey into deep cover.

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