Hunting in Port Elizabeth, Africa

by June Farquhar

There are numerous big-game hunting opportunities in and around Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Port Elizabeth is a major seaport and tourist destination. With a population of 1.1 million as of 2010, it is the fifth populous city in South Africa, but it is the second largest city in terms of area. There are opportunities to see wildlife at reserves throughout the area. Safari packages vary in length from seven to 10 days.

Firearms Permits

Firearms permits for six weeks are issued by South African Customs when the hunter enters the country. Before traveling to South Africa, you must fill out a temporary firearm application, which will be signed in front of the officer issuing the permit. The permit must be obtained even when the firearms do not arrive with you. To obtain a permit, you must show your passport, airline ticket, proof of ownership of the firearms and a letter of invitation sent by the company that the hunting package is bought through. Rifles are recommended for most terrain. Richard Holmes Safaris ( in Port Elizabeth recommends the rifle be a bolt action 4-12 or larger, scope-sighted rifle, about .30 caliber with a 2- or 3-pound trigger pull.


Safari companies in Port Elizabeth require you to obtain your own accident, illness, loss, damage and health insurance. Often, you will be asked to sign an agreement when you arrive at the safari to release the company from responsibility for injuries and accidents. At the time of publication, there was no problem with malaria in the area.


Safari companies send trophies to a taxidermist chosen you, but they generally do not cover any of the costs of shipping, packaging or exporting the trophy to your address. Before leaving for the safari, you should check if a permit is required in your home country for the trophy. The game must be dried or treated before shipping out of South Africa, so a local registered taxidermist must be retained. Types of game hunted include kudu, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, impala, mountain rheedbuck, springbuck and zebra.


Hunting season is from May to October in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The temperatures are mild, but it is often advised by the safari owners that hunters bring clothes for cold weather -- jackets, warm socks and gloves -- with them if they are going to hunt in the winter. It rains mildly in Port Elizabeth throughout the year; these are usually scattered showers, and the humidity is temperate. Year-round in Port Elizabeth, even in the wintertime, people enjoy water sports such as surfing, board sailing and diving.

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