Hunting Party Decorations

by Kristen Marquette

A hunting theme can be applied to many different types of parties. If an adult or child loves to hunt, throw him a hunting-themed birthday party. Host a hunting-inspired anniversary party for a couple that loves to hunt together. Or throw a party to celebrate the opening of hunting season. No matter what type of party you plan, the right decorations can bring the hunting theme to life.


Disposable dinnerware serves three purposes. It allows your guests to eat, provides easy cleanup and can act as decoration. Purchase camouflage paper plates, cups and napkins from a party supply store or online retailer. If you can't find camouflage dinnerware, buy a mixture of black, green and brown supplies. Or let a hunting vest inspire you and add a shock of color to your table with neon orange plates, cups and napkins. Add a camouflage or burlap tablecloth.

Balloons and Streamers

Choose black, green, brown and orange balloons and streamers for the event. String the streamers from the ceiling for an indoor party or in a tree for an outdoor celebration. Tie the balloons to the back of chairs, position clusters of them in corners or create a balloon arch. Some stores and online retailers offer balloons with camouflage patterns or pictures of deer, bear, waterfowl and other commonly hunted animals on them.


Use a small set of antlers for a centerpiece. Leave the antlers plain or weave real or fake greenery through them for a slightly more sophisticated look. Place camping lanterns in the center of every table. This works especially well for outdoor hunting-themed parties that go on into the night. Turn duck decoys or small taxidermy game, such as rabbits or pheasants, into centerpieces. If hosting a child's party, use plush game animals as centerpieces.

Hunting Gear

Incorporate hunting gear into your party decorations. If throwing an indoor party, display rifles, shotguns, bows, arrows, crossbows or other hunting weapons on the wall. Hang camouflage netting and mounted animal heads on the walls. Tape paper targets around the room. For an outdoor party, arrange pop-up tents around the yard or make a tree house look like a hunting blind. Set up paper, foam and three-dimensional targets. These not only work as decoration but can be used for archery games later.

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