Hunting Land in Upstate New York

by Rebekah Worsham
Hunting in New York is regulated by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Hunting in New York is regulated by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

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Hunting enthusiasts in upstate New York have a myriad of choices when selecting a place to hunt. The state of New York has designated a variety of public lands for hunting during specified seasons throughout the year. Hunting on these lands outside the designated hunting season is a violation of New York state law.

State Parks

Catskill State Park, located in upper New York state's scenic Catskill mountains, provides thousands of acres approved by the state as public hunting, fishing and trapping areas. Managed by the New York State Division of Lands and Forests (, the park also offers camping facilities and a variety of hiking trails. North Lake State Park, also in the Catskills, is another designated hunting area. Both locations require hunters to have proper permits, which must be carried at all times.

State Forest Preserves

Upper New York state's Adirondack Forest Preserve offers black bear hunters the opportunity to hunt black bear on designated areas of the preserve each year. In addition to hunting black bear, fishing and the hunting and trapping of deer and wild game are permitted. The Catskill Forest Preserves are also available to hunters of black bears, deer and other wild game. Combined, these forest preserves offer nearly 3 million acres of designated hunting area. Because these lands are protected by the state, additional usage restrictions and requirements may apply.

Wildlife Management Areas

Upper New York state is also home to several state-owned-and-operated wildlife management areas, all of which offer public access for hunting during the appropriate season. Located in Sherburne, New York, the Wolf Mountain Nature Center offers hundreds of scenic acres and permits the hunting of gray wolves and Arctic foxes during designated periods each year. Schoharie Reservoir, located in upper Schoharie County, also permits public hunting and features scenic waterfalls and hiking trails in addition to ice-fishing facilities.

State Forest Lands

Unlike protected forest areas, state forest lands offer more frequent access for hunting, with fewer restrictions and requirements. Upper New York is rich in state forests, including Arctic China State Forest, Hunter Mountain State Forest and Cherry Valley State Forest, all of which permit hunting and trapping during designated periods. Fishing is also permitted, and lodging facilities are available in select locations.

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