Hunting Ideas for a Teenage Boy's Bedroom

by Kristen Marquette

Develop the theme of a teenage boy's bedroom around his interest in hunting. Gather your inspiration from the colors of nature, wildlife and the tools of hunting. Tailor the room specifically to the boy by display personal hunting trophies, belongings and photos. Also keep in mind the type of game he prefers to hunt.


When giving a bedroom a hunting theme, you have many design options when it comes to the walls. If you or someone you know is an artist, paint a mural on one or even all four walls. If the teenager hunts in the forest, made the mural a forest and include the type of game he hunts such as deer, quail or rabbit. If he hunts in the desert, create a desert landscape with bighorn sheep on the walls. For a more subtle decor, paint the walls green, brown or blue. You can also put up wood paneling to give the room a hunting-cabin atmosphere.


Teenagers need a bed to sleep in, a dresser for their clothes and a desk at which to do homework. Choose furniture made from wood that has been stained instead of painted so you can admire the rustic wood grain. Some furniture stores and online retailers sell tables and chair that look like they are made out of twigs. Use these pieces in place of a desk. Build a loft for his bed that resembles a tree stand. Add camp chairs to the room for extra seating so his friends have a place to sit when they come over to hang out.


Make the bedroom lighting part of the hunting theme. Find a chandelier made out of antlers for overhead lighting. Replace standing or bedside lamps with camping lanterns, or swap out the lampshades for one with a hunting theme. Choose a lampshade with a plaid design or painted wildlife on it.


When it comes to bedroom fabrics, think camouflage. Purchase a green or khaki camouflage comforter for the bed along with flannel sheets, plus lighter sheets for warmer months. You could also repurpose a large sleeping bag as a comforter by unzipping it and laying it over the bed. Convince a teenager boy to put up curtains in his room by letting him choose between camouflage and flannel drapery. Upholster a chair in a fabric with a forest or wildlife pattern.


Bring the hunting bedroom theme to life with accessories. Lay an animal skin rug on the floor. Hang antlers, mounted fish, mounted birds or deer head on the wall. Install a gun rack or case on the wall to display his hunting rifles. Or, display archery tackle such as bows, arrows and crossbows on the wall as decor if that is his weapon of choice. Add texture to the room by hanging camouflage netting on the wall or from the ceiling. Frame photographs from past hunting trips and place them on bookcases, nightstands or desks.

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