Hunting Fundraising Ideas

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Hunting clubs raise money for special trips and charities.

Hunting clubs raise money for special trips and charities.

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For any fundraiser to be successful, the organization must outline what its needs are and why it is important for others to support that organization. Hunting and other outdoor sports organizations often hold fundraisers to cover the cost of trips and expenses and raise money for wildlife and habitat conservation. Fund raising ideas range from elaborate dinners and dances to simple magazine or t-shirt sales.

Magazine Sale

Many magazine and fund-raising companies provide organizations a percentage of sales from new magazine subscriptions. Companies, such as Superior Plan Fundraising (, work with publishers to offer discounted subscriptions and give a portion of the subscription cost back to the organization obtaining the subscriptions. Offer magazines such as "Hunting," "Field & Stream," or "Outdoor Life" for members of the organization and their friends to subscribe to as a way of earning money for a special trip or charity donation.

Hunting Tournament

Hold a hunting tournament and award cash prizes or trophies for those with the biggest kills. Charge entrants an admission fee that will cover the cost of the tournament and provide extra funds for the organization's mission. Ask local sports stores and other hunting-related companies to donate equipment, trips and other prizes for the tournament. Many stores are willing to donate merchandise in exchange for the advertising they receive as part of the tournament.

Custom Hunting Gear

Design custom hats, t-shirts, jackets or vests with your organization's logo or a creative phrase. Determine the price of the clothing and sell the items for double the cost. The proceeds from the clothing sale will go to benefit the organization. Purchase items in advance to sell at local festivals or tournaments to earn money year round or, to avoid an inventory surplus, take orders before purchasing items and only purchase what has been paid for.

Family Carnival

Hold a family carnival and allow visitors to purchase tickets to play games and win prizes. Ask a local sports store to donate items for Bingo prizes. Set up games for kids including a balloon pop game where children try to pop balloons with darts, a rubber duck race or a simple duck pond. Stock a local pond with fish and have children purchase tickets to go fishing.

Barn Dance

For a more formal fundraiser, hold a barn dance. Open to the dance to the public and sell tickets to cover the cost of the event and make a profit for the organization. Serve an inexpensive meal, such as hamburgers and hot dogs or spaghetti. Hire a local country band to play. During the dance, sell raffle tickets to win a special hunting trip or hunting equipment donated by a local sports store. If your organization receives a lot of donations, hold a silent auction and allow guests to bid on the prizes throughout the night.

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