Hunting in Floyd County, Georgia

by Sameca Pandova
Hunting options are plentiful in Floyd County, Georgia

Hunting options are plentiful in Floyd County, Georgia

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Floyd County is located in northwest Georgia, with the county seat located in the city of Rome. An active location for outdoors sport and hobbies, there are a variety of hunting clubs in operation in Floyd county that cater to a variety of hunting interests.

Silver Creek Hunting Club

Silver Creek hunting club is a private club that leases 5,500 acres on six separate tracts of land for hunting. Most tracks allow for camping and use of all-terrain vehicles on designated roads and trails. Bucks, turkey, quail, pheasant and rabbit are some of the hunting opportunities available.

Floyd County Wildlife Association

The FCWA is a hunting and outdoor club that boats over 800 members and 2,366 acres at the time of publication. The club offers a variety of hunting opportunities in addition to clay pigeon sport shooting. Deer, quail, pheasant and turkey are all hunted on the club's lands. In addition to hunting, the club operates marksman competitions and social events such as BBQ and chili cook-offs.

Georgia Wildlife Management Area

In addition to private clubs, Georgia Wildlife Management maintains hunting and fishing grounds throughout Floyd county. For example, the Berry College WMA contains a total of 20,500 acres available for hunting, hiking and bird watching.

Floyd County Hunting Restrictions

Georgia publishes annual hunting season time and catch limitations. These limitations apply within Floyd County. For instance, for the 2010-2011 hunting season, a hunter may bag a maximum of 12 deer statewide, three turkeys or one bear during hunting seasons for each animal.

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