Humorous Party Invitation Wording

by Christina Hamlett
A party is a great excuse to put your silly on.

A party is a great excuse to put your silly on.

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Put your guests into a festive mood from the first moment they receive your party invitation by using humorous wording to announce the event. The proliferation of websites for ordering card stock and downloading free clipart and royalty-free photos make it possible for even beginners to produce funny invites for any occasion.


Use a photo or clipart image of multiple birthday candles, a fire truck or fire extinguishers for the front of the card. For the interior, create an official-looking form from your city fire department with the following text: The City of San Marino hereby issues a temporary burn permit for igniting the celebration of Dave's 68th birthday on Saturday, June 11th from 6 p.m. to midnight. Revelers should be prepared to experience combustible mirth, electrifying fun, smokin' hot snacks and matchless memories. Please don't douse our spirits or extinguish our anticipation by saying you can't make it.

New Home

For a housewarming invitation, use a cover image of packing boxes, bubble-wrap and crumpled newspapers. Use the following text for the interior wording: Sometime during the manic move from our old address to the new one, the two of us totally lost our wits. Drop by and help us look for them on Sunday, September 4th between 2 and 4 p.m. Pizza and beer will be provided to maintain energy for the basement-to-rooftop search.


The front of this anniversary invitation lists the following names: Tristan and Isolde Anthony and Cleopatra Napoleon and Josephine Odysseus and Penelope Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Heathcliff and Catherine The inside text says: Clyde and Mildred: Timeless, priceless and the stuff of legends. Come celebrate their 40th year of wedded bliss with a 10 a.m. brunch at The Grove on Saturday, April 21st.


Find a hammock photo for the front cover of this retirement party card. For the interior, release your inner poet with the following rhyme: Goodbye to boring meetings Farewell to freeway strain Adieu to donning coat and tie Or rushing to a plane Hello to days of leisure Huzzah to sleeping in Larry is retiring -- So let the fun begin! Join us for a backyard pool party and barbecue on Saturday, August 9th from noon to six. Carousing and congratulations are absolutely mandatory.


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