Humorous Homemade Halloween Costumes

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Nerd costumes for children or adults are humorous.

Nerd costumes for children or adults are humorous.

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From witches and ghosts to whatever hero is playing in the latest blockbuster Hollywood hit, Halloween can be a little, well, predictable. Don't fall into the trap, though. With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you can whip up your own humorous Halloween costumes that will have everybody taking notice.

Nerd Costume

From Steve Urkel to Paul Pfeiffer, everybody loves a good nerd. The key to a good homemade nerd costume is to go completely over the top. Start with the basic clothing. Get a shirt and shorts that don't match at all. If you can find conflicting colors and patterns, that is perfect. Add white socks pulled up as high as they will go and add black or brown shoes. For details and accessories, tuck the shirt into the shorts and add some suspenders, too. Wear glass with thick plastic rims and tape in the middle. For the finishing touch, gel your hair straight back.

iPod Costume

For a homemade costume that is both humorous and simple to make, try the iPod costume. Pick up a piece of Styrofoam board from your local home improvement store. The size you need will depend on the size of the person wearing it, but two feet by three feet should be okay for most adults. Cut a large square from the top of the board to serve as the display screen. Paint the rest of the board silver, black or your favorite iPod color. When that dries, paint on the details of the selector wheel. Anchor rope to the bottom of the display screen so you can hang it around the nape of your neck. Be sure you have enough rope to center yourself in the display screen.

Punk Rocker Costume

Just like the nerd costume, the punk rocker costume is the best when it is over the top. Start with a plaid skirt or pants; well-worn jeans will also work. The more holes in the jeans, the better. Add a black tank top or band tee. For footwear, black boots or high-top sneakers work well. Dye your hair a crazy color or wear a crazy wig. Wear lots of black makeup: lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow. Accessorize with belts, wallet chains, body jewelry and other metallic accessories.

Smartie Pants Costume

If you prefer concept costumes, then the Smartie Pants costume is right up your alley. It's simple to make and should take no more than a few minutes. Get a bag of Smarties candies and tape the individual rolls of Smarties to your pants. The easiest approach is to lay your pants flat on the floor. Place the Smarties on the pants in a row and using clear packing tape to hold them in place. Repeat the process as many times as you like.

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