Humorous Bridal Shower Games

by Lynn Johnson
Humorous games at a bridal shower can break the ice.

Humorous games at a bridal shower can break the ice.

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Games at a bridal shower are an effective icebreaker. Often friends and family from the bride and groom are invited to a shower and do not know one another. Having a few humorous games at a bridal shower will give people the opportunity to let loose and get to know one another. It is best to play the games toward the beginning of the shower to set the tone for the rest of the event.

Groom Trivia

Put the bride on the spot with a trivia game about how well she knows her husband-to-be. Have the groom's friends and family create questions for the bride to answer. Encourage them to ask little-known facts about her fiance. Throw in some true-or-false questions with outrageous facts. This is sure to get the party guests laughing, especially when the bride finds out new information about the groom.

Leg-Crossing Game

Tie tulle bows around safety pins in the theme colors of the bride's wedding. When guests arrive, give each a safety pin to wear on her clothing. Make sure the safety pin with the tulle bow is placed on an area of her clothing that is visible to the other guests. Tell the guests they are not allowed to cross their legs. If someone spots another guest crossing her legs, she can remove the safety pin from the other guest and add it to her clothing. At the end of the shower, the guest with the most tulle bows pinned to her clothing wins. To make the game even funnier, do not tell the bride about the game. She will wonder why people are continuing to trade their safety pins throughout the party. Reveal the game to her at the end of the shower.

Prenuptial Story

Before the shower, ask the bride to write down the story of how she and the groom met. Remove some of the words from the story and add blanks instead. Indicate whether there should be a noun, adjective or verb where the blank is. Do not tell the guests about the story, but ask them for types of words to fill in the missing blanks. For example ask for a noun, then write the given noun into the blank of the story. Read the new story about how the bride and groom met with the words given to you by the shower guests.

True or False

Ask each party guest to share how she met the bride and tell a story about time spent with the bride. The guests can exaggerate the truth of the story. The other party guests must then guess whether the story is true or false. If a guest's story is false, let her tell the unexaggerated version of the story. All the guests will get to know one another and the bride much better.

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