Hot-Pink and Black Birthday Party Themes

by Darlena Cunha

Birthdays are meant to be a blast in any color, but people young and old can jazz up their celebrations with a theme. One of the simplest themes to coordinate is a color theme. In this case, black and hot pink combine to brighten up the decorations, the food, the birthday celebrant and even the participants.

Elegant Ladies' Party

A decadent pink-and-black party for the sophisticated lady could include the darkest chocolate cake with pink icing, with black and pink jellybeans as garnish. Many bakeries and even grocery stores will custom design cakes and other baked goods for you if you call ahead. Using these facilities is the best bet for actually getting true black and true hot pink for your party foods. When you make it yourself, often the colors dim. For drinks, pink lemonade and dark cola will do for the children. Serve cosmopolitans and rum-and-colas to the adults. If you're looking for a main dish, salmon over black rice will fit the theme.

Sweet 16 Party

Pink-and-black parties are a popular choice for Sweet 16 parties. The pink represents childhood, while the black suggests the sophistication of adulthood. To decorate accordingly, string hot-pink and black streamers and balloons from the rafters. Use hot pink and black disposable tablecloths, plates and napkins. A pink cake with black trim will look elegant and grown-up.

Little Kids' Party

At a young age, both boys and girls can enjoy the colors hot pink and black. You can have your young guests create a hot-pink and black masterpiece with paint and a lot of paper. From your local craft store, order a roll of paper in any size you'd like -- the larger the better. Have your guests pair up, one with pink paint, the other with black, to create a work of art based on their own creativity and teamwork. For a less messy activity, have the guests pilfer through a tub of black candy, such as licorice, to find pieces of bright pink bubble gum. The participant with the most gum at the end wins. Traditional games are easy to convert to hot pink and black, too. Flying discs come in black and pink, as do balls, kites and toy hoops.

'50s Party

In the 1950s, many things were pink or hot pink and black, from kitchens with pink appliances and black tiles to Elvis Presley's shirt-and-suit combos to poodle skirts. Have a hot-pink-and-black '50s party, asking your guests dress in vintage '50s wear and using those colors as the mainstay of their dress. Serve martinis or pink champagne for the adults and sparkling pink lemonade to the kids. Or, to set the birthday celebrant apart, have him wear only black, or her wear only hot pink. Request that guests show up in the opposite color from what the honoree is wearing. To assist with this effort, distribute black or hot-pink beads, slap bracelets or shoelaces to each guest.


Check your local party goods store for goods in hot pink and black. If it doesn't have these colors on hand, you can usually order them easily, with shipment coming within a few days. It's always best to be prepared, though, so try to shop for decorations at least a week or two in advance to get exactly what you want. If you are having your party outside, consider using hot-pink tarps or tents as sun cover, with black tablecloths. Don't use black tablecloths in direct sunlight, however. Any chilled food will increase rapidly in temperature when placed on them.

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