Hotels in St. Augustine's Historic District

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Castillo de San Marcos stands as a sentinel to historic St. Augustine.

Castillo de San Marcos stands as a sentinel to historic St. Augustine.

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The oldest continuously occupied city in the United States, St. Augustine, Fla., offers visitors the ambiance of a bygone era. In the historic district travelers can take a leisurely stroll to see the sights, ride in a horse-drawn carriage or hop aboard the sightseeing trolleys that run throughout the area. Although lodging choices are limited, staying in the romantic historic district allows visitors the chance to relive the city's illustrious past.

Casa Monica Hotel

An 1888 landmark, the historic hotel Casa Monica offers guests the chance to experience the romance of the hotel's former opulence mixed with all the benefits of modern-day amenities. In 1999, the hotel underwent major remodeling. It offers 138 guest rooms that sport Spanish-style decor. All rooms have a wrought-iron bed with rich mahogany furnishings. Suites offer a wet bar and more square footage. One suite has four stories and features views of the Matanzas Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Guests may dine at the 95 Cordova, with entrees inspired by Middle Eastern, Asian and New World cuisine. Guests can find casual dining on site at the Cafe Cordova, which offers such simple fare as pizza.

St. George Inn

The St. George Inn encompasses three distinct buildings in the historic district of St. Augustine. The three buildings circle the City Gate Plaza courtyard, where guests can stroll or sit to enjoy the temperate climate of the region while being surrounded by lush, tropical flora. Guests who opt to stay in the hotel's Santa Maria and Pinta rooms will have their own private balcony from which they have unparalleled views of the historic district. All guest rooms, in all three buildings offer private baths. The hotel does not allow smoking in any of its guest rooms. The hotel's Castillo Suites offer a large, wrap around balcony. Each of the suites has its own living room and bedroom and is lavishly decorated in European decor.

Hilton St. Augustine

The Hilton St. Augustine is located on the bayfront on the edge of the historic district. A newly built hotel, care has been taken into designing a place that offers an authentic look and feel so the lodging fits into its surrounding historical setting. Before construction of the hotel, an archaeological excavation unearthed numerous treasures that reflect St. Augustine during its early days. The artifacts are now on display in the hotel for guests to view. The hotel offers 72 guest rooms, all lavishly decorated for comfort. Visitors may dine on site at the Aviles Restaurant & Lounge. The restaurant serves a mix of New World, Spanish, French, Mediterranean and Asian entrees.

The Pirate Haus Inn

An affordable hotel choice in St. Augustine's historic district, the Pirate Haus Inn is housed in a 1915 building. There is no elevator, and guests will be faced with climbing 19 stairs to reach the guest rooms. The hotel offers five guest rooms that have private baths. There are also dorm-style rooms available with bunk beds and a shared bathroom. One of the dorm rooms is co-ed. The other dorm room is offered to female guests; a large family can rent the entire room, which can accommodate eight. The hotel does not offer phones or televisions in its guest rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available for those with a laptop.

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