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by John E. Roper
The Villa Borghese is one of Rome's best known parks.

The Villa Borghese is one of Rome's best known parks.

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Rome is a dense city. Everywhere you look you see history packed into this relatively small geographic area. A modern building may stand alongside one from the 1500s, and both are most likely built atop the remains of structures that were being used over 2,000 years ago. The urban intensity of Rome contributes to the love the locals have for their city's parks. Fortunately for travelers to this fast-paced city, many hotels can be found near Rome's parks.

Hotels Near the Villa Borghese

The sprawling greenery of the Villa Borghese is located in the heart of Rome. The park hosts an equestrian center, a zoo, a small pond, several walking paths and the famous Galleria Borghese, one of the city's premier art galleries. The Hotel Splendide Royal overlooks the park and has many rooms with superb views of the villa's gardens. The Victoria Hotel also faces the park and has a free, well-stocked breakfast buffet. Another option is the Hotel Forte, a clean and quiet property close to both the park and the Spanish Steps, which lead up from the Piazza di Spagna and are one of the city's most visited attractions.

Hotels Near the Villa Doria Pamphili

Across the Tiber River and located on the Janiculum (a well-known hill to the west of the older part of Rome) is the massive Villa Doria Pamphili. This beautifully landscaped park is a favorite spot for joggers and strollers, and the views of Rome from the top of the Janiculum are among the best in the city. The Atahotel Villa Pamphili is a property with beautiful views that is very close to the park, but somewhat far away from other Roman attractions. A bit more convenient is the Cardinal Hotel St. Peter with its proximity to both the park and the Vatican. The Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress and Spa is another hotel near the park that is also close to Trastevere, a neighborhood famous for its cafes and restaurants.

Hotels Near the Villa Ada

The Villa Ada is a large park in the northeastern part of Rome. Once home to the royal family of Savoy, this villa now offers Romans a place to walk among the trees or relax on one of the benches overlooking the park's tranquil lake. The modern and well-appointed Hotel Villa Duse is nearby and is small and intimate enough for a romantic getaway. Another property close to the park is the Hotel Panama Garden. Like the Villa Duse, the Panama Garden is designed to appeal to couples and offers several special packages revolving around romantic themes. For a family-friendly hotel, the best bet in the area is the Hotel delle Muse.

Hotels Near the Giardino degli Aranci

One of the parks often overlooked by tourists relying on guidebooks, but loved by the locals, is the Giardino degli Aranci, or Garden of Oranges. This small and unassuming park is high on the Aventine Hill and replete with fragrant orange trees and fantastic views of St. Peter's Cathedral and Trastevere. This is one of the quietest areas of Rome, and a stay in the Hotel San Anselmo, a converted villa, reflects this mood. A nearby sister property, the Aventino, is as intimate as a private home, and the Hotel Domus Aventina is another quiet hotel that's closer to the metro.


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