Hotels in Rome Located Near the Pantheon

by Patrick M. Lind
A view of the Pantheon in Rome

A view of the Pantheon in Rome

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As most of the hotels near the Pantheon emphasize the city’s cultural and historic heritage in style and design, they allow their guests to deeply immerse themselves in the elegance and spirit of antiquity. Viewing the 2000-year-old temple from your hotel window while lying in a canopy bed surrounded by chandeliers makes for a truly Romanesque experience. Many hotels do not cater lunch or dinner, but guests find a large variety of cafes, restaurants and Italian trattorias at the piazzas and small alleys around the Pantheon.

Hotel Abruzzi

Guests at the Hotel Abruzzi sleep in rooms with panorama views of the Pantheon. The hotel, which is located only a few steps away, extends to its guests a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guest rooms come decorated in natural colors, wooden floors and antique furniture. They include standard amenities and a coffee and tea maker. In the mornings, the hotel serves a complimentary breakfast. For lunch and dinner, guests enjoy one of the many restaurants situated around the Pantheon.

Hotel Pantheon

Hotel Pantheon accommodates guests in an 18th-century building only 21 yards from the Pantheon. Its historic facade opens to a classic interior with chandeliers, ceiling beams, wooden wall panels, marble floors and trompe-l'oeil decorations. The 14 rooms and suites feature an elegant design with natural and pastel colors, oak furniture and exquisite textiles. All rooms include marble bathrooms and a mini-bar. Guests choose if they want to enjoy their breakfast in their rooms or in the breakfast room.

Hotel Albergo del Sole Al Pantheon

Hotel Albergo has housed travelers to the Pantheon for over 500 years. The hotel was constructed in 1467, and still contains the spirit of the Renaissance in design and decor. Guests sleep in individually designed guest rooms that feature antique furniture, ceiling beams, frescos, and canopy beds combined with state-of-the-art amenities and contemporary luxury fabrics. Hotel dining facilities include a large breakfast buffet with homemade Italian specialties served on a garden terrace, as well as a cocktail bar.

Hotel Albergo del Senato Rome

Hotel Albergo del Senato Rome is located at Piazza Della Rotonda, the famous square in front of the Pantheon. It invites guests with its sophisticated design emphasizing an old Roman classiness. Ancient pillars, marble floors, chandeliers and antique furniture decorate the common rooms, and lead to the 56 rooms that feature a combination of classic and modern design. The hotel’s senior suite stands out with its ceiling frescos, chandeliers, Oriental rugs and a canopy bed. The hotel provides a breakfast buffet, and has a roof top terrace with bar and lounge.

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