Hotels on North Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach

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Many North Myrtle Beach hotels are on North Ocean Boulevard.

Many North Myrtle Beach hotels are on North Ocean Boulevard.

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Many Myrtle Beach South Carolina hotels line North Ocean Boulevard, which hugs the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. These beachfront hotels provide easy access to beach activities. Most Myrtle Beach hotels have similar amenities, but North Myrtle Beach attracts an older crowd, who favors fine dining, dinner theater and golf, while South Myrtle Beach, with its bars and dance clubs, is more of a party town. Hotels with higher-numbered addresses are closer to North Myrtle Beach, and those with lower-numbered addresses are closer to South Myrtle Beach.

On the Pier

If fishing is your sport, consider the Prince Resort at the Cherry Grove Pier. The pier, built in the 1950s, has 51 benches and fish-cleaning stations, 37 king fishing slots, a boardwalk cafe and an old-fashioned ice cream shop. The resort's condo-style rooms have king-size beds and full kitchens. Special theater packages and fishing packages are available.

Caribbean-Themed Hotels

Four facilities make up the Caribbean Resort and Villa. The Jamaican Inn is a four-story hotel. Its white balconies capture the Caribbean ambiance. The three-story Chelsea Villas have a stone exterior. Its two- and three-bedroom condos have full kitchens. The Dominican, a larger hotel, has two-room suites that overlook the ocean, and the Cayman Tower, whose lobby boasts a West Indies theme, has two-, three- and four-bedroom units.

Free Breakfast

It is hard to tell many Myrtle Beach hotels apart, but the Monterey Bay Suites Hotel, with its lavender, pink and blue exterior, is immediately recognizable. The hotel's designer clearly has an affinity for color. Mosaic tiles and decorative columns embellish the pool area, and wicker furnishings blend with the warm-colored fabrics in the bedroom suites. Color is not the only reason to stay here. The Monterey Bay Suites hotel is one of the few lodging venues that offers a full hot breakfast.


The Holiday Inn Oceanfront at Surfside beach is a pet-friendly hotel. In fact, you can even treat your dog to ice cream at Scoops Ice Cream & Cafe, located on the hotel pool deck. Bold, bright colors embellish the guest rooms, which feature red and gold-painted walls. The hotel has a fitness center, hot tub and swimming pool. The Tiki Bar & Hut serves cocktails by the pool deck.

Budget Lodging

Myrtle Beach provides a haven for budget travelers. It's easy to find a hotel that charges less than $100, but the Admiral Motor Inn Hotel ups the ante, with nightly rates as low $35. The hotel has a small pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi. Rooms have simple, functional decor.

Centrally Located

The Bermuda Sands Resort is centrally located between North and South Myrtle Beach. Its pastel-colored rooms combine azure blue, sea-green and lavender fabrics, furnishings and wall paints to create a true seaside ambiance. All rooms have microwaves, stoves and full-size refrigerators. Some have private Jacuzzi baths, but the hotel also has a swimming pool and a public Jacuzzi.

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