Hotels Located in Orlando, Florida

by Nannie Kate

The Orlando, Florida, area has grown phenomenally in a mere handful of decades. Home to the Mouse as well as assorted corporate headquarters, this area brings in lots of visitors for leisure and business. Because of this influx, hotels in the Orlando area have increased in number as well. A visitor to Orlando has many hotels from which to choose.

Hotel Hubs

Deciding on a specific location within the Orlando area depends on your reason for being there. Many people who come to Orlando on business stay in the city's central business district. One convenient downtown hotel is the Crowne Plaza, located at the intersection of I-4 and State Road 50, otherwise known as Colonial Drive. For visitors arriving at the Orlando International Airport, the Hyatt Regency is located inside the airport, along with others just outside the gates. Further south you will find the theme parks and attractions, with myriad choices there. Disney World has many hotels inside its property but there are many more near the gates of Disney, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, and even more in outlying areas.

Hotel Types

Some travelers want inclusive accommodations, with top-notch amenities, such as luxury spas and golf options, multiple on-site dining choices, and programs for children. The four-star Gaylord Palm Plaza, located near major attractions, offers all this and more. Some hotels are built with children and families in mind. At Universal, the Nickelodeon Suites Resort offers kids' suites in which an addition to the standard room is partitioned off and furnished with bunk beds or twin beds. For visitors who need only sleep-and-go facilities, no-frill hotels are the answer. Try the Motel 6 Main Gate West on Highway 192 near the southern end of International Drive.

Dining Considerations

Most of the larger resort hotels have several dining rooms on their premises that range from elegant gourmet restaurants to casual dining to lighter fare in bars and lounges. A few hotels offer express versions of standard fast food restaurants, especially choices like pizza and subs. Another consideration is the array of choices within walking distance of your hotel. Visitors who don't drive to the city and who don't want to rent a car will need something close by. Hotels on International Drive offer visitors more choices if they are willing to use the I-Ride trolley that shuttles guests up and down that busy corridor. Another choice that works for some families is to book accommodations with kitchens or kitchenettes. Eating out in a tourist area like Orlando can be expensive, and by cooking their own meals, many families can conserve a little of their resources.

Price Range

Orlando offers deluxe sleeping accommodations that include world-class cuisine, luxury spas and access to championship golf courses.The Portofino Bay Hotel even offers personal butler service to guests in its Presidente suites. These hotels are the most expensive in the area and can cost hundreds of dollars per day. More moderately priced hotels offer less extravagance but are strong on practical amenities. Some cater to children and families who are in town for the theme parks and need affordable rates. No-frills hotels offer the very lowest prices but come without much more than a bed, bathroom and some towels. For visitors who won't be spending much time in their rooms, this type of accommodation is ideal.


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