Hotels in City Center in Vienna, Austria

by Patrick M. Lind
The Belvedere Palace exemplifies Vienna's antique architectural style.

The Belvedere Palace exemplifies Vienna's antique architectural style.

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Most of Vienna’s city center hotels resemble the city’s imperial history in style and design. Vienna stands out as a city where guests have the opportunity to choose from such a large number of classic 19th-century hotels that present an authentic antique decor matching the city's Romanesque and Baroque architecture. Vienna’s cosmopolitan city center is also home to a variety of contemporary and design hotels for those who prefer modern or cutting-edge settings.

Hotel Sacher Vienna

One of Vienna’s most prestigious addresses is the Hotel Sacher, situated in the heart of the city center. Built in the 19th-century by the son of the legendary inventor of the Sachertorte chocolate cake Franz Sacher, the hotel still emphasizes its long tradition in service and interior design. A vault atrium with stucco walls, marble floors and chandeliers welcomes guests in the lobby area and leads to the 152 rooms and suites that come with antique furniture, plush couches and luxurious textiles. A large wellness area with thermal suites, sauna, steam bath, spa and fitness center encourages recreation on the top floor, overlooking Vienna’s city center. Dining facilities include two restaurants serving traditional Austrian and international cuisine, a hotel bar and the famous Viennese coffeehouse, Cafe Sacher Wien.

Grand Hotel Wien

The Grand Hotel Wien invites guests to experience the charm and atmosphere of imperial 19th-century Vienna at its fullest. Its historic facade opens to a sophisticated interior with an Old-World ambiance. Guests sleep in 205 rooms and suites that are designed in a traditional Viennese style with pastel colors, antique furniture and stucco ceilings. Exquisite fabrics, original art, brocade curtains and silk wallpapers add to their charming elegance. The hotel offers a large variety of dining facilities, including two Austrian gourmet restaurants, a Japanese sushi restaurant, a bistro, several bars and a Viennese coffeehouse.

Hotel Imperial Vienna

Hotel Imperial Vienna was built in the mid-19th-century in an Italian neo-Renaissance style for the Prince of Wurttemberg. A natural stone balustrade decorated by animal sculptures from the prince’s emblem leads to the hotel’s interior, which resembles a romantic 19th-century palace. Canopy beds, chandeliers, plush furniture, antique collectibles and exquisite textiles decorate the hotel’s 138 rooms and suites. Suites come in an authentic Biedermeier, Baroque or Neo-Classic style. Fresh flowers and fruit baskets await guests upon arrival in all rooms. Culinary facilities feature a gourmet restaurant serving traditional Austrian coffee, a 19th-century imperial bar and a Viennese coffeehouse.

Hotel Hollmann Beletage

Hotel Hollman Beletage extends to its guests insight into contemporary Vienna. This small boutique hotel with only 25 rooms features a modern interior with parquet floors, designer furniture and natural wood and glass. Large panorama windows, bright colors and inventive lamps create a light and airy atmosphere in all rooms. All rooms include state-of-the art amenities and light showers. The hotel offers a rich breakfast menu with homemade Viennese specialties and an Austrian gourmet restaurant offering a show kitchen and cooking courses. Recreation facilities include a living room with library lounge, spa with sauna, garden terrace and home cinema.

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