Hotels in the Center of Rome, Italy

by Patrick M. Lind
A view of the Coliseum in Rome

A view of the Coliseum in Rome

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Not many cities in the world offer as many historic landmarks and cultural sights as Rome, whose entire historic city center is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Many of the city center’s hotels resemble Rome’s rich cultural heritage in architecture and design. From ancient palazzos to modern cutting-edge, guest can chose their center accommodation according to their tastes and preferences. Not all of these hotels offer on-site restaurants, but with plenty restaurants and tavernas spread over the streets and square, travelers will not have problems finding the right dining facilities.

Mecenete Palace Hotel

Named after the adviser of the Roman Emperor Augustus, the Mecenete Palace Hotel welcomes guests to the spirit of antiquity. Its elegant fin-de-siecle design with marble floors, ceiling frescos, chandeliers and ancient decor is reminiscent of an ancient fairy tale palace. Guests sleep in 72 elegant rooms and suites that feature pastel colors and come with soundproof windows and high-tech amenities. Culinary facilities include a roof top terrace restaurant with views of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, a bistro bar and an authentic Italian gelateria.

Hotel Traiano

Situated right at the Imperial Forums, the Hotel Traiano extends to guests a convenient spot for city center exploration. The rooms have an elegant design that combines historic grace with contemporary decor. All rooms come with panorama views over Rome’s historic old town. The hotel’s most astonishing room is the breakfast room that features 18th century wall and ceiling frescos, chandeliers, antiquities and stucco taking guests back in time while enjoying their breakfast.

Hotel Pantheon

Hotel Panthon resides in a historic 18th century building in a quiet side alley only steps from the Pantheon. Mahogany wall and ceiling panelings, marble floors, chandeliers and plush sofas receive guests in the lobby area, which leads to the hotel’s 13 rooms. Each has an elegant design complete with oak furniture, wooden ceiling beams, exquisite fabrics, selected art pieces and standard amenities. Guests can enjoy an in-room breakfast each morning.

Hotel Trevi

Guests of the Hotel Trevi sleep in a 16th century palace right at the Trevi Fountain. Its interior design combines classic antique and contemporary styles. Guests can choose between superior rooms and suites, both of which have a modern design with a minimalistic look featuring natural stone wall segments, warm colors, wooden floors and decorative plant arrangements. Mornings at the hotel start with a breakfast buffet served on the roof top terrace.

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