Hotels in Can Tho, Vietnam

by Richard Ludwig
A riverside village along the Mekong.

A riverside village along the Mekong.

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The largest city in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, Can Tho is the area's hub for trade, culture, education and technology, giving life to many of the surrounding villages. Can Tho provides the jumping-off point for visits to the area's terraced rice fields, floating markets, fruit gardens and cruising Southeast Asia's heart, the Mekong Delta. Almost all Can Tho hotels, from blissful luxury to backpacker haunts, are located along the Hua River in the city center, but a few extraordinary options, like overnight Mekong cruises and a colonial resort, take travelers past the city's confines.


Only one hotel in Can Tho can claim the adjective upscale -- Victoria Can Tho Resort. Part of Victoria Hotels & Resorts, the property's colonial architecture dominates the banks of the Hua River, located outside the city center. The property features dark hardwood floors, pillared balconies, a pool, tennis courts, spa and fitness center. The hotel has its own barge providing lunch and dinner cruises along the Hua River. The Kimtho Hotel and Can Tho Golf Hotel border the line between upscale and mid-range, offering Western-style amenities, but lacking in overall sophistication.


Mid-range, when compared to Western prices, categorizes the largest selection of hotels in Can Tho. Ranging from Vietnamese business properties to tourist-orientated two- and three-star hotels, you'll find lemons and low-cost luxury within the category. At the high-end of the Can Tho mid-range chart is the Ninh Kieu 2 Hotel, a city-center property with an alluring pink facade. The hotel has clean rooms, a restaurant, massage rooms and karaoke. Saigon Cantho Hotel, usually teeming with Vietnamese businessmen, is located near the riverfront providing well-maintained rooms.


From backpacker digs to tour group gateways, budget accommodations are easy to come by in Can Tho. These hotels are located near the riverfront in the city center, and usually are converted shop-houses. Good options, costing between $10 and $25, are Tay Ho Hotel, Hotel 31 and Long Van Hotel.

Cruises of Indochina - Mekong Delta Cruise

An out of the ordinary accommodation option for those visiting Can Tho is boarding a classic boat and taking a one- or two-night cruise through the Mekong Delta. Cruises of Indochina trips depart from either the Ninh Kieu pier in Can Tho traveling to Cai Be or the pier in Cai Be traveling to Can Tho. The cruises visit the floating markets and riverside villages, and are all-inclusive including Vietnamese food, guides and taxes. Transfers can be arranged from Saigon.

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