Hot Wheels Party Themes

by Alice Drinkworth
Toy cars like Hot Wheels create a great theme for birthday parties.

Toy cars like Hot Wheels create a great theme for birthday parties.

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Hot Wheels are popular toys that make great party themes for children's parties. Connect this theme to invitations, games and food for a roaring good time. Be creative and have fun indulging in the racing theme. Boys and girls who love the toys will enjoy a birthday party with a Hot Wheels theme.


Make black and white checkered flags for invitations. Use white cardstock cut to the size of an invitation (4-by-5). Write information on the back including who the party is for, where it takes place, date and time, and RSVP information. Cut black squares from construction paper to add to the front of the invitation to create a checkered flag. Attach the invitation to a wooden dowel to make it more like a flag.

Wheeling Around

Have party guests create art or a party favor with Hot Wheels cars. Put paint in a tray and several Hot Wheels cars nearby. Instruct children to wheel the cars through the paint enough to cover the wheels. Then instruct them to make tracks on paper or a plain T-shirt to make art from the treads of Hot Wheels cars.

Racing Games

Collect track for Hot Wheels cars. Set up at least two tracks of equal height and length. Challenge the children to race each other, choosing what they believe to be the fastest Hot Wheels vehicle. Have tickets available for winners. They can redeem them for prizes or bring them home as mementos.

Red Light Green Light

This classic children's game is perfect for a Hot Wheels party. Have children line up behind a line with a moderator several feet away. The moderator calls green light and turns around. The children creep forward during green light. When the moderator spins around and says "Red Light," everyone freezes. If anyone is caught moving, he has to go back to the start. First to reach the moderator wins.

Hot Wheels Party Food

Create a racetrack birthday cake by baking a 9-by-13 birthday cake and a 9-inch round cake. Cut the round cake in half and place one half on each end of the rectangular cake to form a race track. Decorate with green or black frosting as the runway and white frosting to divide lanes. Add Hot Wheels cars and candles. Serve hamburgers as grilled tires and apple juice in champion cups to party participants.

Party Bags

Don't forget to include a Hot Wheels car in gift bags for party participants. These inexpensive toys make great party favors. Throw in some candy and whistles to complete your Hot Wheels party bags.

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