Hot to Draw Schnitzel Step-by-Step

by James Rutter

The character "Schnitzel" appeared as one of the three lead characters on the televised cartoon "Chowder." This show ran on the Cartoon Network from 2007 to 2010. Schnitzel is a rock monster with a boulder-like head and thick appendages. He works as a chef and wears a white apron. Episodes portrayed Schnitzel as a comic foil who speaks little, engages in manual labor, serves as the butt of jokes or carries the title character Chowder.

Items you will need

  • Sketch book or paper
  • Set of colored pencils
Step 1

Draw the outline of Schnitzel's head by drafting a tall, thick rectangle in the center of the page with a black pencil. The rectangle can taper a bit toward the top of Schnitzel's head. Add the outline of Schnitzel's arms by drawing a pair of curved lines extending outward from near the bottom of the rectangle.

Step 2

Add a capital letter "I" in the middle of Schnitzel's face and extend the top and bottom of the "I" toward the margins of his face. Fill in the outlines of Schnitzel's eyes by drawing circles on either side of the "I" crossbeam directly underneath the top of the "I." Put ears on Schnitzel's head by drawing a pair of short squares on the top of his head, one on each side at the edge of his brow.

Step 3

Outline the base of Schnitzel's torso by adding a slightly curved line beneath his head but low enough on his body so that it indicates the bottom of his stomach. Extend this line until it is slightly wider than Schnitzel's head. Add a pair of rectangular boxes underneath this line to indicate Schnitzel's legs.

Step 4

Connect the base of Schnitzel's head to the base of his torso by adding his apron. Draw the apron by adding a pair of lines that flare out slightly from each side of the base of his neck and then drop down to the middle of his chest in straight lines. Connect these lines to the base of his torso in a pair of curved lines, one on each side.

Step 5

Finish Schnitzel's arms by extending a slightly upward curved line from the base of each side of his torso to the end of the line indicating his arm. Indicate each of his fingers by drawing several egg-shaped forms at the base of his hands. Add several of these egg-shaped forms to the bottom of each of his legs to indicate his toes.

Step 6

Fill in Schnitzel's face by adding deep circles around each of his eyes and then placing a dot in the center of each eye. Put a line on each side of his mouth to give him his frowning appearance and then erase the remaining outline of the "I." Make several short marks on Schnitzel's torso for his chest hairs.

Step 7

Outline Schnitzel's rotund stomach adding the broken outline of an ellipse to his stomach area. Draw a short curve as the top of the ellipse to indicate the top of his stomach and then add a pair of curves that almost meet in the center underneath the top of the ellipse to indicate the sides of his stomach.

Step 8

Color Schnitzel's entire body with a light gray pencil. Color in each of his fingers and toes with a darker gray pencil. Add shading to his torso and face with the black pencil, medium gray pencil, brown pencil, light purple and light blue pencil.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add a speech balloon with his "Rad-da, Rad-da" catchphrase.

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