Horseback Trails in Riverside State Park in Washington

by Leslie Kasperowicz
Riverside State Park offers trail riding options.

Riverside State Park offers trail riding options.

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Located in Nine Mile Falls, Washington, Riverside State Park has a large equestrian area where horse lovers can take scenic trail rides. In addition to facilities for people bringing in their own horses, the park offers trail rides for those new to riding or occasional riders.

About the Park

Riverside State Park is in eastern Washington, near the city of Spokane, and is a multi-use park with facilities for a variety of recreation activities. Trails are available for the use of hikers, mountain bikers and horses. The park is open all year, although certain facilities are only available during the summer months.

Shared Use Trails

Many of the 55 miles of trails in the park are shared use, which means that people on foot, on two wheels or on horseback must share the trail and respect each other's right to be there. Horseback riders must use extra caution on these trails as bikes may come up quickly, and hikers may be difficult to see.

Equestrian Area

Riverside State Park has set aside a portion of the park known as the Equestrian Area with trails exclusively for the use of horses. No hikers or bikers are allowed on these trails. The Equestrian Area covers 600 acres including 25 miles of trails through the mesa and has facilities for equestrian camping. At the time of publication, fees for camping vary from $12 for primitive sites to up to $36 for fully equipped sites in peak season. Camping is available year round.

Horse Facilities

The Equestrian Area facilities for horses and riders include stabling and water. Trail Town Riding Stables is in the Equestrian Area, and until recently had a concessionaire in place. The loss of the concessionaire has led to some changes in the park and reduced access to trail riding, but, at the time of publication, an initiative to improve the Equestrian Area and the areas shared by horses is trying to create new opportunities in the park.

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