Horse Show Arenas Near Syracuse, Nebraska

by Ana Purna
Horse shows to challenge riders of all ages are held near Syracuse, Nebraska

Horse shows to challenge riders of all ages are held near Syracuse, Nebraska

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Syracuse, Nebraska is a small city located in the southeastern part of the state. Syracuse is an easy 45 minute drive from Omaha to the north, and Lincoln to the west. Several businesses and annual events in Syracuse celebrate the city's German heritage and farming culture. Horse riding is a critical part of Nebraskan culture, and there are several arenas suitable to host horse shows close to Syracuse.

Lincoln Equestrian Center

About 40 miles west of Syracuse in Lincoln, the Lincoln Equestrian Center ( has a large indoor arena and boarding facilities specializing in English riding style. The facility hosts shows, classes and clinics in large arena spaces complete with observation areas, jumps and obstacle equipment.

Log Barn Stables

About 45 minutes from Syracuse in Plattsmouth, Log Barn Stables ( offers a large, thriving horse arena. Trails and expansive grounds give horses and their owners plenty of space to explore, and the large, sand-floor indoor arena is ideal for shows, clinics, lessons and private recreational riding. Log Barn Stables has ample equipment for setting up jumps and obstacles to provide adequate challenge to riders of all skill levels.

Riverview Arena

Riverview Arena (, a large horse boarding and show space about 40 miles north of Syracuse in Papillon, offers both indoor and outdoor arena space as well as boarding facilities. Training and shows in jumps, dressage and more take place in the fully insulated indoor arena.

Otoe County Fair

The Otoe County Fair hosts two days of horse shows in Syracuse every August. The shows are held in an outdoor arena set up for the event and located in the heart of Syracuse at Syracuse South Park. The Otoe County Fair Horse Shows are held outside on dirt, and generally go on rain or shine. Local equestrians of all ages compete in various categories of horsemanship at these shows.

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