Horoscope Signs That Are Compatible With a Gemini

by Elizabeth Burns Google

People with their sun sign in Gemini, symbolized by astrological twins, are supposed to be restless and versatile with a need for intellectual stimulation. Gemini, being an air sign, makes compatible partners for people born under the other air signs of Libra and Aquarius, according to astrologers. People whose sun sign is in Leo or Sagittarius are also a harmonious match and, being fire signs, will inject some passion into the relationship and occasionally challenge Gemini's sense of intellectual superiority!


Libra and Gemini have a shared interest in the arts and appreciate one another's wit, intelligence and style. As Libra is a very diplomatic and accommodating sign, your partner will go out of his way to please you and won't mind compromising. As both of you want to be on equal and friendly terms with your other half, this is an egalitarian match.


Aquarians and people born under Gemini enjoy an excellent intellectual rapport, have a similar outlook on life and often share the same goals. Common interests and shared social activities are key elements of this relationship and you will enjoy batting ideas back and forth. As both Gemini and Aquarius are air signs, the natural rapport between the two helps them to rise above arguments and overcome differences of opinion.


People born under Gemini and Aries are active and adventurous. Both signs have a low boredom threshold and don't mind letting go of worn out idea and projects to explore something new. As both signs cherish their independence, neither will feel tied down in this relationship. However, as Aries is a fire sign, your partner might not have the same passion for long conversations. On the plus side, Gemini can offer different perspectives on Aries' impulsive ideas.


Gemini and Leo bring out one another's fun-loving playful side and both love drama and excitement. This relationship involves some compromise though, as your Leo partner wants to be the most important person in your life and may feel threatened by your other interests and friendships. Leo is a more settled sign and doesn't understand Gemini's need for novelty. With some compromise however, these signs can be great friends and very harmonious lovers.


People who both have their sun signs in Gemini enjoy one another's companionship and wicked sense of humor. Both love to talk and have a childlike love of exploring new ideas and places. The downside is that both tend to give up on a relationship or project when it becomes too difficult and demanding and may use humor to avoid discussing problems in the relationship.