How to Hook Up Two Headsets to the PlayStation 3

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You can connect more than one headset to the PS3 via USB.

You can connect more than one headset to the PS3 via USB.

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The PlayStation 3 uses universal serial bus (USB) ports to connect wires headsets. Since the PS3 doesn't allow you to register more than one Bluetooth headset, you must choose the wired USB option. Using a conventional USB connection allows connection of two headsets with the reliability of a direct feed from the gamer to the console.

Items you will need

  • USB-enabled PlayStation 3-compatible headsets
Step 1

Locate the USB ports on the front left side of the PS3. Ensure you have a least two free, removable non-essential USB peripherals, as needed.

Step 2

Plug each headset into the USB inputs. If they have power switches, turn them on. Enter the "Settings" option in the setup menu, pressing the "X" button as the toolbox icon is highlighted.

Step 3

Enter the "Accessory Settings" option. Highlight and select the "Audio Device Settings" option next.

Step 4

Locate the two headsets on the list. Choose them as your input and output devices when examining their options.

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