How to Hook Up Reverb to a Mixer Board

by Darby Stevenson
Most mixer boards allow effects such as reverb to be looped into the system.

Most mixer boards allow effects such as reverb to be looped into the system.

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Reverberation is the natural effect created by sound waves bouncing off of the walls and corners of a room. Recording studios generally have little to no natural reverberation, while large halls or gymnasiums will usually have much more. In the past, the reverb effect was created by concealing speakers in large reverberation chambers. Today, a variety of reverberation effects can be created digitally with a small reverb effect box. To hook a reverb effect up to your mixer, the mixer needs to have an Effects or Auxiliary channel.

Items you will need

  • 2 RCA cable
  • 2 Guitar cable
  • RCA to guitar cable adapter
Step 1

Locate the plugs effect loop plugs on the back of your mixer board. The label for this plug will be different on every mixer; "Effect 1," "Aux In/Out" or "Effects A" are common notations. Effects plugs will consist of both send and receive plugs. Check what type of cable they accept. This will either be a long guitar cable or stereo RCA cables.

Step 2

Look at the send and return or in and out plugs on your reverb effect box. If the plugs match those on the mixer, check to see that you have the correct cables. If not, buy a small converter to convert one type of cable to the other. You need two cables.

Step 3

Connect a cable going from the input of the reverb box to the output of the mixer. Connect another cable going from the output on the reverb box to the input on the mixer.

Step 4

Look to see if your mixer has effects controls for each track. Look for an effects on and off switch or button for each track, or a single effects button or switch for the entire mixer. Turn all of these switches or buttons to the off position.

Step 5

Turn on your mixer and reverb box.

Step 6

Begin playing music through the mixer. Turn the reverb box on, and turn the effect on at the mixer. Adjust the levels on the mixer and reverb box according to your preference.

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