How to Hook Up Netflix to Your Xbox

by Arnold Carreiro
Enjoy Netflix movies both on disc and over Xbox Live.

Enjoy Netflix movies both on disc and over Xbox Live.

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Combining Xbox Live and Netflix is truly a peanut butter meets chocolate moment for entertainment enthusiasts all over the United States. Using the Xbox Live service, Netflix subscribers can instantly view a huge variety of movies and TV shows while waiting for their next disc to arrive in the mail. The best thing about Netflix on Xbox 360 is that new content is constantly added to the service for instant viewing. Connecting your Netflix and Xbox 360 accounts takes less time than popping a bowl of popcorn.

Items you will need

  • Netflix account
  • Xbox Live Gold account
  • PC
  • TV
  • Xbox 360
Step 1

Download the Netflix software from the Xbox Live marketplace. The system may need to download several updates before you can access the Netflix viewer on the Xbox 360.

Step 2

Start the Netflix application on your Xbox 360 and note the activation code displayed on the screen. The Netflix application is listed under the "Music and Movies" portion of the Xbox menu.

Step 3

Log into your Netflix account on your computer and navigate to the activation page. Enter the code into the provided space and press the "Activate" button to connect your Netflix and Xbox Live accounts.

Step 4

Return to your Xbox 360. In several minutes, you will have full access to all of the instant viewing content that Netflix provides. If you have an Instant Queue, it will appear on your Xbox 360 automatically.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use voice commands through an Xbox 360 Kinect to control the Netflix application. Example commands include "Pause," "Play" and "Fast Forward."

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