How to Hook Up a Karaoke Machine to an Amp, Mixer and Speakers

by James Clark
Hook up the karaoke machine to a mixer and amp for some serious volume.

Hook up the karaoke machine to a mixer and amp for some serious volume.

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Connecting a karaoke machine to a mixer and amplifier lets you pump up the vocals with accompanying instruments. You can sing along while a friend plays guitar or a keyboard, or while the entire band joins in, if your mixer has enough inputs. The connections follow a specific sequence so you can blend vocals from the karaoke machine with other audio sources. Use standard audio cables to hook up the equipment in just a few minutes.

Items you will need

  • Stereo audio cables
  • Wire strippers
  • Speaker wires
  • Electric instruments
Step 1

Plug in the red and white connectors on one end of an audio cable to the two matching outputs on the back of the karaoke machine. Connect the other ends of the cable to one of the stereo inputs on your mixer.

Step 2

Hook up a second audio cable from the master outputs on the mixer to a set of inputs on the amplifier, matching the plug colors on the cables to the colors on the jacks.

Step 3

Cut and strip 1/2-inch of insulation from the two wires on each end of a speaker cable.

Step 4

Attach the colored wire on each speaker cable to the positive terminal on the amplifier. Connect the other wire to the negative terminal.

Step 5

Fasten the two wires on the opposite end of each speaker cable to the positive and negative terminals on the back of each speaker. Connect the cable from the amplifier's left channel to the left speaker and the right channel to the right speaker.

Step 6

Connect the cables for other musical instruments to the inputs on your mixer, if desired.

Step 7

Plug in the power cords for all components in your sound system.

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