How to Hook a Playstation to a TV

by Megan Thacker Google

You can hook up an old PlayStation console to a television using the PlayStation's red, white and yellow RCA cable. Although most newer gaming systems and televisions connect through an HDMI cable, most televisions still have ports that support older audio/video cables.

Items you will need

  • PlayStation component cable
Step 1

Insert the single-pronged end of the PlayStation component cable into the port labeled "AV Multi-Out" on the back panel of your console.

Step 2

Plug the red, yellow and white prongs into their matching ports on the back panel of your television.

Step 3

Take note of the label above the red, yellow and white ports. This label will indicate which input channel broadcasts your picture and sound.

Step 4

Plug the single-pronged end of your power cable into the "Power" port on the back end of your PlayStation. Plug the power cord into a nearby outlet.

Step 5

Turn on your television. Change your input channel to match the input label on the back of your television.

Step 6

Insert a game into the console, close the lid and press the "Power" button. You should now see a picture and hear game sounds.

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