How to Hook Ghost Shrimp Bait

by Christine LaFleur
Try ghost shrimp for bait the next time you go fishing.

Try ghost shrimp for bait the next time you go fishing.

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Ghost shrimp, also known as sand shrimp, are transparent shrimp that make excellent bait. You can catch fish such as seabass, perch or halibut with with either live or dead ghost shrimp. If you use dead ghost shrimp, you can bait the whole body or just the tail. The method you use will depend on your preference and whether you can keep the shrimp alive.

Step 1

Choose a ghost shrimp from your bait bucket. Break off the tail of the ghost shrimp.

Step 2

Insert the hook one-third of the way down from the body end of the tail.

Step 3

Thread the hook down the tail until the hook point comes through the underside of the tail.

Step 4

Keep the shank of the hook parallel with the tail of the ghost shrimp to prevent the bait from spinning.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch out for ghost shrimp claws. They will pinch.

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