How to Hook a CDJ Turntable to a Mixer

by James Clark

A CDJ turntable is a CD/MP3 player manufactured by Pioneer and commonly used by DJs for playing club music. The programmable CDJ plays beat loops and simulates vinyl record scratching with a jog dial on the control panel. Connect the CDJ to an audio mixer either with a standard set of audio cables using RCA-type plugs, or connect the CDJ to a computer with USB, then hook up the computer to the mixer.

Items you will need

  • Stereo or USB cable
Step 1

Press the "Power" button on the top control panel of your CDJ to turn off the component.

Step 2

Plug in the red and white connectors on one end of the stereo cable to the matching jacks on the back edge of the CDJ.

Step 3

Plug in the other ends of the stereo cable to a set of inputs on your mixer.

Step 4

Plug in a USB cable with the arrow facing upward into the CDJ for a computer connection.

Step 5

Insert the USB plug on the other end into any port on the computer.

Step 6

Connect the stereo cable from the outputs on the computer to any set of inputs on your mixer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pioneer notes that connecting more than one CDJ component via USB to the same device may cause either or both of the CDJs to play intermittently or malfunction.

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