Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia

by Sydelle John

When planning a honeymoon, the warmth of the Caribbean or the old-world charm of Europe may beckon. However, Asia, and particularly Malaysia, has increasingly become a top destination for honeymooners from around the globe. Although slightly bigger than New Mexico, Malaysia has plenty to offer, from stunning architecture to sparkling beaches and everything in between. The country's tourist-friendly atmosphere and excellent accommodation options make it easy to enjoy a honeymoon.

Tioman Island, Pahang

Tioman Island is the largest of its kind in the eastern section of the Malaysia Peninsular region. Local lore states that the island was once a dragon princess that was captivated by the area's beauty and decided to stay. Tioman Island has several beaches and many parts of the island are uninhabited. Snorkeling, diving and other activities are readily available. For new brides looking to shop, the entire island has duty free status. There are many hotels with affordable honeymoon packages including the Japamala Resort and the Bagus Place Retreat.

Redang Island, Terengganu

For newlyweds seeking a honeymoon that provides not just relaxation, but aquatic wonder, Redang island provides many opportunities. The island is an archipelago that consists of nine separate islands and is home to a marine park. The archipelago's beaches are preferred nesting grounds for at least three types of turtle species and one area, Chagar Hutang, was declared a turtle sanctuary in 2005. Lang Tengah is a 30-minute boat ride away and has coral reefs teeming with several types of water creatures. Newlyweds can find accommodations at one of several hotels in Redang, including the Redang Kalong Resort and the Redang Holiday Beach Villa.

Batu Ferringhi, Penang

The term Batu Ferringhi means "Foreigners Rock." The area derives its name from the many foreign explorers who stopped there, including Portuguese admiral Alfonso D'Albuquerque and Captain James Lancaster, the founder of the East India Company. To this day, Batu Ferringhi continues to attract visitors. Newlyweds can enjoy the city's nightlife, restaurants, art galleries and antique stores. A trip to see Lover's Rock is a must for all honeymooners and is easily accessible from the Batu Ferringhi beach, which is one of Malaysia's most famous beaches. There are many hotels, including the Lone Pine Hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

Pangkor Laut Island, Perak

This quiet fishing island is famous for its shrimp. The best way for newlyweds to discover the island and enjoy its historical buildings, including a Dutch fort, is by bicycle or motorbike. Pangkor Laut island has coral reefs where you can observe aquatic life. Fishing enthusiasts can visit nearby Pulau Sembilan, a set of uninhabited islands known for good fishing. There are also beaches for sunbathing and water sports. For accommodations, newlyweds can stay at the Pangkor Laut Resort, which provides a honeymoon package. There is also the Pangkor Island Beach Resort and many other options

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